Discover Montville: Things to Do and Places to Visit

Things to do in Montville – Montville is a quaint paradise located along the eastern coast of Queensland between Maleny and Mapleton. The rural setting makes it a perfect place to relax and unwind. Nature lovers will marvel at the glorious views, the rolling hills, waterfalls, and lakes. History enthusiasts also have art galleries to visit while in town.


Apart from the unique dining experience, Montville has top-notch accommodation options for its visitors. You can choose from private cottages, cabins, and treehouse holiday accommodation in Montville. If you are visiting Montville soon, here is a list of activities to do and places to visit.

Montville Art Gallery

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Montville has a long reputation for art, and it is a home for many artists. The Montville Art Gallery is found along the Sunshine Coast, and it boasts of an extensive collection of abstract and figurative paintings. The gallery promotes local talents by exhibiting arts from artists residing in the region. Apart from the Montville Gallery, you can also visit private galleries by exceptional artists. You will also find artisan studious and galleries for various tastes and budgets.

Kondalilla National Park

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Nature lovers can spend their day in the Kondalilla National Park. The spectacular park is on the Blackall Ranges and has a beautiful setting and scenic spots. You can take a tour around the verdant forest or hike on the adjacent mountain ranges. With several walking trails and various picnic spots, the national park is an excellent location to unwind and relax. It would be best if you also visited the Kondalilla falls within the park. A dense forest surrounds the 90m waterfall, but you can quickly get to the fall through the walking tracks. You will find many bird species and a swimming spot at the base of the waterfalls. Camping is also allowed in some areas of the Kondalilla National Park.

Lake Baroon

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Lake Baroon is the perfect spot for outdoor activities. The lake lies between Maleny and Montville and is among the twenty-six dams under Seqwater. With a length of 370 metres, visitors have designated swimming and fishing areas around the lake, and you can spend the day catching fish or sailing across the dam. You will also find picnic areas where you can enjoy a meal with your friends near the lake.

The Chapel

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The Chapel is the perfect spot for dream weddings. However, that does not mean you cannot go there if you do not have wedding plans. The design and architecture of the Chapel are mesmerising and worth a visit. Besides, the scenic backdrop of forests and beautiful landscape makes it captivating.

Montville Coffee

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Montville is one of the best coffee destinations in the world. Therefore, you should visit Montville coffee before the end of your trip. Montville Coffee is a local roaster with reputable standards of producing the best coffee in the region. You can visit the factory with organised tours and learn about milk texturing. You can also become a coffee connoisseur and enjoy the variety of coffee blends in the local cafes.

Visit the Flame Hill Vineyard

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Even if farming is not your thing, you will have fun touring the Flame Hill Vineyard. It is arguably the largest food production farm in the area with a vineyard, beef farming, and an orchard. You will get a taste of the fresh produce from the farms paired with wine. If you would like to go on a picnic, you can get packed food made from the local produce.

Montville is a spectacular place to visit any time of the year with tons of activities to do. With numerous outdoor activities to try out, your trip will be fun-packed and memorable.

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