Effects of Facebook on the Society

The revolution of social media has left almost no one untouched. All of us have a presence online unless you are in North Korea or in secluded parts of Africa. Facebook is the leading revolutionary in the modern age of social media with over 1.23 billion monthly active users.

Effects of Facebook on the society

This revolution changed the face of communication as we knew it. The world has become a smaller place. While all of us have gotten onto the bandwagon without much hesitation.

Let us take a step back and see what the effects of Facebook on the society at large are.

  • Forefront on the advantages are that, Facebook has made connecting with people easier. The effect of Facebook on society is that it has made the world a smaller place. If you want to market, connect with old friends or make your presence known, Facebook has made it easier.
  • Social media marketing is another effect of Facebook on society. Businesses get an inexpensive and effective way to market themselves. This has helped many small scale and home based business gain some presence in the market.
  • Social media has also given an edge to the age of information. There are many informative pages on Facebook which help keep people updated on what is happening around the world. The effect of Facebook on the society is that it has helped disseminate information faster and wider.
  • The biggest effect of Facebook on the society is that, it has helped people stay connected. We constantly know how friends and acquaintances are doing, where they are. If it not for Facebook we would have lost connections with various friends and acquaintances.

However, Facebook is not free of negative consequences. Here are a few:

  • The negative effect of Facebook on the society is primarily with security, your presence online leave open to the internet a lot of information about your whereabouts, pictures and so on. People have got abducted out of information they got off Facebook.
  • It has now been formally recognized that there is such a thing called “addiction to Facebook” The victims to this are usually teenagers who become obsessed with their virtual image. This is a major negative effect of Facebook on the society.
  • Facebook in certain cases has led to lesser personal interactions. The quality of personal interactions is irreplaceable. With more time spent on Facebook, the less we spend with people.

Hence these are the effects of Facebook on the society. We must recognize both the positive and negative ones.

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