Email Marketing Vs. Social Media: Is There A Clear Winner?

When you think of marketing your business digitally, the first thing you must consider is hiring digital agency Dubai which will help you grow your marketing campaign and reach fantastic results for your business.

The UAE is well known for housing numerous entrepreneurs from all over the world. The country attracted businesses from all over the world with their fantastic no-tax offers for everyone that wants to reallocate their business to the UAE. Therefore, the number of digital marketing companies in Dubai became much more significant than it ever was before.

After you’ve hired a suitable digital marketing agency for creating a stunning marketing campaign for your business, you should let them do their work. The agency will, at one point, suggest you all the methods you should implement into your marketing campaign, and knowing the differences between these methods is essential.

Which Methods Are The Most Popular Ones?

Every successful digital agency Dubai will use all it can to achieve fantastic results for their clients’ digital marketing campaign. After establishing some ground rules and after they launch your campaign, they’ll consult with your company about the available methods that may increase your sales.

Some of these methods require special skills, and every digital company UAE has experienced marketers that will know how to implement these methods in the best way possible. When it comes to promoting your company to potential customers, the best practices to implement are social media marketing and email marketing.

Both email marketing and social media marketing methods have their pros and cons, and we’ll talk more about both of these methods in this article. Read more about the differences in this article

Social Media Marketing Benefits And Downsides

All of us know how significant social media marketing was in the last decade or so. Most social media platforms allow their business clients to promote their companies and services or products further to the social media community. Some of them have even made advertising packages for their clients to choose from.

Facebook As The Main Platform

Facebook has over 2 billion worldwide users, which makes it the number one social media platform today. Most of its users are active daily, which gives a significant advantage to your social media marketing strategy. Facebook also allows you to choose how you want to advertise your brand through its platform.

You can choose one of the pre-made advertising packages, or you can opt-out for other advertising options as well. Facebook allows its business clients to apply numerous filters that will help them target a specific group of people. For example, you can choose how to target the audience by their location, interests, age, gender, ethnicity, etc.

All of this allows Facebook users to focus directly on their potential customers rather than on everyone all at once. It’s never been so easy to advertise your business online than it is today.

Other Platforms Can Also Be Of Significant Importance To Your Business

Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and many others can significantly grow your business if marketing through these platforms is appropriately performed. Many of them also offer pre-paid packages, but there are other options available as well.

Email Marketing Is Still Vital

When it comes to email marketing, nothing has changed for the past several decades. Email marketing is still the cheapest, fastest, and most effective marketing method out there. Creating your email sequence is not hard at all, and it doesn’t cost as much as other advertising methods.

If you already have email lists, you’ll find it easy to begin your email marketing campaign successfully. Sending emails on a regular basis will potentially bring more customers than any other method. How is that possible? The answer is easy. Email is still the most popular service in the world, and hundreds of billions of emails are sent all around the globe.

Emails are easy to use, cheap, or completely free to make, and they have a fantastic impact on potential customers and consumers. Letting your digital marketers handle your email campaign will significantly increase conversion rates.

A study showed that the return on the initial investment in email marketing brings back 40%. This means that if you invest $10, you’ll get back $400. None other method has this high ROI, which makes email marketing possibly the best choice for every business today.

Which Method Is Better To Use?

Both email marketing and social media marketing have their pros and possible cons, but both of them are equally good. There’s no particular winner since both these methods use a different approach in obtaining new customers and increasing sales. Talk with your digital marketers about which of these two methods is the most compatible with your ongoing marketing strategy and implement them as quickly as possible.

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