How monitoring apps are helping small-scale businesses manage their employees during the lockdown

Even though the year 2021 has given us some hope in the form of vaccines getting approved, many countries around the world have still not gotten back to normal. Many countries are still under strict lockdown. It seems like the work-from-home situation will continue at least till the first half of this year. The lockdown has affected everyone in one way or the other. Amongst the most impacted ones are small businesses. Managing a workforce from a distance is not easy, and small business owners cannot afford further losses due to employee mismanagement.

Advantages of using employee monitoring apps

That is where employee monitoring apps have come to the rescue. There are many iPhone and Android spy apps of 2021 that employers can make use of to monitor their employees remotely.

employee monitoring apps

Let us look at some of the advantages of using employee monitoring apps for small-scale business owners.

  1. They are affordable. While some apps have extensive monitoring features that can be a little expensive, most monitoring apps have very affordable monthly plans. These are very reasonable for small-scale businesses. Some of the apps even allow you to pay according to the features that you want to use. So, if you only need minimal features, there is no need to buy a premium package.
  2. The monitoring apps allow business owners to track all the communication carried out by the employees. It includes access to their email accounts, phone calls, text messages, social media accounts, and even their web browsing history. It would allow you to ensure that no confidential data gets leaked through an employee.
  3. Many employees get tempted to watch a movie or sleep in during working hours. Employers can use spying apps to ensure that the working hours are getting fully utilized by the employees. They can use the GPS-tracking feature to check that the employees are where they are supposed to be.
  4. Employers do not have to hire an extra workforce to manage quality control for their sales department. They can download phone conversations and listen to them at their convenience. It will also help to keep the employees on their toes. They would know that all their communication is getting monitored.
  5. The employees’ reputation online affects the name of the organization. You can monitor your employees’ social media interaction via spying apps to ensure that they are not sharing anything that may have adverse effects on the company.
  6. Many monitoring apps give the user the option to wipe off all the data from the device remotely. If at some point the employer feels that an employee is misusing the company’s information, they can remotely wipe off all the data from their device. It could also come in handy in case the employee’s work phone gets stolen.
  7. Employee monitoring apps can get used in keeping the productivity of the employees in check. They can check when each employee has logged in and when they have logged out from their work device. It would be a great tool to guide employees at the time of appraisals.

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