Essential Design Considerations While Looking For the Best Place to Buy Diamonds in Singapore

If you are looking to gift your loved one a diamond ring to seal the weddings, then there are a series of design considerations. The considerations are not just limited to the design and the size of the diamond. But it does make a great starting point when looking for the right diamond Singapore.

Buy Diamonds in Singapore

You can customize the shape of your diamond according to personal preference, and the options include rectangular, square, beveled, or the rounded ones. You can ask your merchant to design a diamond of the right diamond by varying the width to the length ratio. Now that is over and done with, it’s time to move into the more complicated part of the selection process.

About the cut categories

You need to choose between the two major cut types, which are the standard and the modified cuts. However, it is imperative to understand that no two diamonds are alike, and every design has its own set of unique pros and cons. Often it is a case where the certificates are identical as well as the jewelry, but the price varies. So do consider your budget before making a choice.

About patterns

Patterns have two main categories, including the chunky and the crushed ice. The chunky cuts are extremely popular and trendy owing to the antique look and the vibrancy. The crushed ice is the random arrangement of the sparkling facets, which makes the jewelry radiant.

About avoiding bad cuts

Keep in mind that not all diamonds are the same, and it is wrong to expect the same brilliance and light hues from a variety of cuts and collections. There are poorly cut stones that you need to avoid since they are of low grade and quality.

What to avoid?

The GIA certificate is not the ultimate authority when it comes to deciding the quality and specifics of a cut of the diamond piece.

Avoid stones that are,

  • Ill-proportioned
  • Lacking in sparkle
  • Cut too shallow since there wasn’t much diamond to start with

About the color

The color grades are low, I-J or high grade, D-F ranges. The low grade gives a yellow or rose gold hue to the diamond, whereas the high-grade range is for the perfect whiteness, sheen, and luster. You can choose according to personal taste, but do keep in mind that with the right setting for the diamond, even a low grade can create a perfect and unique design. Contrast your color grade with the ideal metal setting for astounding results.

Lastly, the clarity grading

Clarity grading is all about the observable inclusion settings. The more the obvious inclusion, the better is the clarity. Keep in mind that the designs like the crushed ice diamonds can hide impurities and flaws compared to the traditional cuts. Make your choice after careful considerations.

We do hope to have helped you in making the right choice for the special occasion. Have a great time finding the right diamond ring.

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