Essential Things You Need to Know About Regional SMS

Communication tools are an important component that bridges the gap between consumers and companies. Nowadays, mobile devices have become invaluable tools that changed the landscape of how businesses communicate with their clients. 

Short message service (SMS) is one of the fundamental uses of mobile devices that make it an effective communication modality. Among the different categories of short message service, regional SMS is arguably the most significant. 

If your company deals with clients worldwide, then it is paramount that you have a regional short message service. This article will talk about regional SMS and the essential things you need to know about it as a business owner.

What is Regional SMS?

Regional SMS is the method of sending messages based on the client’s origin state. This means you will be able to relay information or communicate with a client in their regional language. For instance, if you have a client in China, you can send a message that can be automatically converted to Mandarin or Cantonese.

Regional SMS is helpful because it allows you to communicate with your client using their native language, which greatly improves understanding. Despite its significance, most companies frequently overlook regional SMS, which leads to miscommunication or an ineffective relay of information.

How Does Regional SMS Work?

Regional SMS works by performing several steps, which include the following:

  • Creation of SMS Template. The first step in doing regional SMS involves creating a message template, which is then converted in multiple languages depending on the specific regions of your clients.
  • Client Segregation. This step involves the segregation of your clients’ mobile numbers based on the country they are in. This is done so that your clients will receive the appropriate SMS template for their corresponding region and native language.
  • Sending of SMS. The final step involves sending the multilingual SMS template to your clients and their respective regions. You can even create a variant of the SMS template for clients that have specific preferred languages.

What Are the Industries That Use Regional SMS?

Regional SMS is one of the most effective communication tools to engage your clients. This is why, according to an article by Kaufer DMC, nearly every industry uses regional SMS to expand its customer reach. The following are examples of industries that use regional SMS:

  • Agriculture

In less developed countries, cellular data and the internet is not available in rural areas, wherein agriculture is the main industry. This means relying on the internet to relay information; such essential farming tips are not an effective communication tool. Fortunately, regional SMS provides a solution to this problem.

Regional SMS provides farmers the essential information regarding agricultural concepts that can help them improve their farming. And because of its multilingual feature, farmers and agriculturists better understand the messages since its written in their regional languages.

  • Entertainment

Entertainment is only enjoyable if consumers can understand them. This is why businesses in the entertainment industry rely heavily on regional SMS to convey their clients’ messages. Regional SMS ensures that clients receive entertaining information in a language that they fully understand.

  • Logistics

One of the logistics industry’s biggest problems is the communication barrier between companies and local couriers (drivers and delivery people). Internet mobile alerts, appointment reminders, and delivery notifications might not be helpful if it is received by personnel who cannot read foreign languages. Regional SMS provides a solution to this problem.

Regional SMS is used by transport and logistic companies to ensure that work is done more swiftly because it solves the communication barrier. Local couriers and their personnel on the field can understand notifications or delivery statutes better because their native language is used.

  • Finance

Companies that belong in the finance industry consider regional SMS as an integral component of their customer service. And for a good reason. Regional SMS help companies improve financial literacy and financial awareness of their clients by sending them tips in vernacular languages.

Financial terms in itself are quite difficult to understand, especially if messages relating to finance are in a foreign language. This is why regional SMS is crucial for financial companies because it gives them an effective method to educate their customers.


Using regional SMS offers a convenient and reliable mode of communication. It can reduce your costs, improve personnel communication, and enhance marketing promotions while providing an effective messaging delivery.

If you want to communicate better with your clients all over the world, then regional SMS is undoubtedly a messaging tool that you should take seriously. Check out a reputable messaging service company today and start connecting with your customers in the language they prefer!

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