Explore the Best Practices of Using Instagram for E-commerce

Instagram attracts over 1 billion active users every month. It is recognized as a powerful marketing tool by businesses worldwide and it has proved itself as a phenomenally popular and successful social media platform.

Explore the Best Practices of Using Instagram for E-commerce

Instagram focuses on high-quality visual content and is regarded as an exceptional marketing platform especially for e-commerce brands. Let us explore ways to boost your e-commerce brand.

Generate Attractive Content for Engaging & Converting Your Audience

It is certainly mandatory for brands and businesses on Instagram to create high-quality relevant content to attract their target audience. If you wish to gain recognition and success on Instagram, top quality high-resolution pictures are the way to go. Even the best ever online shop would not attract any customers if the pictures that they have published are of poor quality and quite dull and boring. However, you need not feel frustrated or heartbroken in case you are not able to create top-quality visual posts. You could seek the services of many effective tools for the job and take your Instagram account to a whole new level.

Use Inspirational & Fascinating Posts

As per ecommerceceo.com, “Everyone loves taking a picture, but surprisingly, people love a good photo. A good photo is not just about snapping a picture on your cell phone.” The best pictures are regarded as art and obviously, art evokes emotion. Instagram was developed primarily on the idea of creating great visuals and sharing them. Therefore, your photos are vital to your success and need to be given top priority for boosting overall brand awareness.

Expand Your Audience with Hashtags

Instagram has always been more of a social platform. From its earliest stages, it has also striven to serve as a search engine, by providing nifty tools in the form of hashtags that help users find relevant photos to their interests in a really simple way. Hashtags are still incredibly useful when you are launching a brand. If you target the right hashtags with your posts, you will greatly increase their visibility. The key is to find hashtags that are popular enough for people to actually seek them out but not so wildly popular that you would be pushed out of the results by bigger profiles. Get in touch with a reputed digital marketing company for gaining more real Instagram followers.

Keep Your Link in Bio

As of now, Instagram does not let you post links in your content. It is, however, acceptable to post them in your bio which means that you can put a call to action with every post such as “link in Bio”. This lets you drive traffic to your website. You can also use third party tools like Tap Bio to keep a single link in Bio that is never changed, but to be able to direct visitors to a different page every time.

Make the Most of Instagram Stories

Instagram shopping seems to apply to Stories as such; you could consider experimenting with your content and remember tagging your products there. Stories add a whole new dimension to your user engagement, not just via product tagging but factors like polls and other such interactive characteristics along with repurposed UGC.


Online retailers are known to use several pictures and videos primarily on their websites to boost e-commerce brands, Instagram’s focus is on imagery and it is the right destination for showcasing their products, building their brand, and boosting sales and ROIs.

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