Failure of TSA in identifying Terrorism on Airport

According to the report of the Inspector General of a new department of Homeland security, they established the hidden truth and according to them the Transportation Security Administration failed to identify 73 navigated employees linked to terrorism when they checked the background history of every employment.

Failure of TSA in identifying Terrorism on Airport

It happens because they don’t have a proper identity cards and other information on their badges and if it is so it will be with active clearance badges with links to terrorism. The whole crew who worked by major airlines, airport travelling salesman and other employer means everyone were not identified properly because of their ineligibility or because

The people, who were employed by major airlines, airport travelling salesman and other employers, were not identified because of the lacking of agency access to terrorism related information from within the government.

According to the report Transportation security administration is not allowed to receive all terrorism-related information under current inter-agency policies. Actually they didn’t identify these individuals through their examined operations. This happens of the reason which I have mentioned in the upper line.

The agency’s “multi-layered process to evaluate navigated workers for potential links to terrorism was generally effective. In extension to initially evaluating every application for new identification papers, Transportation Security Administration repeatedly evaluated navigated workers with access to secured areas of commercial airports every time just not to miss the chance to catch any terrorist entering in the country.

We found the report that the fortified terrorist list can be on looked out and also was updated. Whatever any one can do but with our test we are sure and confirmed that transportation security administration failed to identify 73 individuals with terrorism category codes because of the reason that TSA is not authorized to receive all the information related to terrorism under their policy.

There are thousands of records which need to be examined because the data lacking very major parts like full name or missing of social security numbers and many others things like this. Without the completion of data and complete or exact information they shouldn’t hire any worker in this way they will become the reason of country’s destruction.

They should add more requirements before hiring someone and all the questions should be given exact and accurate answered on the hiring form. Anyone who didn’t abide by this rule will strictly be punished.

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