5 Hollywood-Approved Tips for Looking Beautiful This Fall

Fall skin care tipsWhen the seasons change, your beauty routine should, too! The cold, dry air that accompanies fall and winter can leave your skin parched, but the reprieve from nonstop heat and humidity means that you can finally trust your makeup to stay on your face. Celebrity aestheticians know that staying beautiful in the cooler months requires a different approach. Ahead, learn five of their favorite top-secret tips to apply to your own routine.

Fall beauty tips

Supplement Your Diet With Collagen

Taking collagen supplements is a great way to cultivate a natural glow. While you’ll often find collagen in moisturizers, the molecules are too big to be absorbed through your skin. The smaller hydrolyzed collagen found in supplements, however, is easy for your body to absorb, so it’s much more useful for improving your skin’s elasticity and resilience.

There are so many supplements on the market that it can be hard to settle on one, but several brands that make topical skin care you may already use have branched out into the supplement world. For instance, if you’re interested in boosting your collagen production to make your skin look younger, the anti-aging focus at Beverly Hills MD will be a good fit for your skin goals, and existing customers love their supplement line. BHMD Dermal Repair Complex reviews rave about the instant and long-term effects of adding dietary collagen to their self-care routine.

Bring The Best Spa Tools Home

Depending on where you are, it might still be tough to keep an appointment at your aesthetician’s office, but celebrities aren’t letting pandemic restrictions stop them from staying beautiful, and neither should you. The minds behind Hollywood’s most beautiful skin are keeping their patients safe and gorgeous with the boom in skin care devices meant to be used at home.

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No matter what non-medical procedures you’re missing, you can recreate them on your own with one of these expert-approved home spa devices, your favorite Diptyque candle, and a relaxing playlist.

Make Your Eyes The Focus

Unfortunately for makeup lovers, it looks like masks aren’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future, and dermatologists agree that masks and makeup don’t mix. As a result, many celebrity and runway makeup artists are getting extra creative with eye makeup, experimenting with graphic designs, bold colors, and glittering textural effects. If you don’t want to go too over-the-top, stick with a little liner and a neutral palette for eyes that pop. With so few features on display, pay extra attention to details like shapely brows. Bonus: A high-contrast eye look will translate well on video chat, which tends to flatten your features. Swipe on your favorite lip color and you’ll be Zoom-ready in no time!

Wash Your Face Once a Day

If your skin spends fall and winter caught in a balancing act where you teeter between dry and acne-prone skin, you’re not alone! Dry, damaged skin can’t hold onto moisture, and it can’t keep bacteria from taking hold on your face, so you end up suffering through the worst of both worlds. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. Bella Thorne, who’s been open about her struggles with acne, swears by skipping her morning face wash in favor of a water-only rinse, keeping her skin’s natural moisture barrier intact to give her a healthy, blemish-free glow.

Learn To Dust Your Hair

If celebs aren’t skipping their facial routines, you know they’re not skipping regular trims either! Postponing your usual trim means that damaged hair can go unchecked, and unfortunately, when your hair develops split ends, it can’t be fixed—only removed. When you start to notice a pileup of split ends, invest in a pair of sharp shears and take your damaged hair into your own hands. Long hair aficionados have been managing their splits between appointments for years, and the process isn’t as scary as you might think! Once you’re split-free, make sure you’re using a hair mask and deep conditioner to keep your locks looking lovely.

Changing seasons and new habits don’t have to get in the way of you looking your best. With a few easy changes, you can adapt your beauty routine for fall so you can keep on feeling gorgeous, no matter what the weather’s like.

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