Fashion secrets: 4 fashion rules to glam up your lifestyle

Seasons come and seasons go,

Trends go in and trends go out,

What is here to stay? Nada!

Change is the only thing constant about this world. Be it your job, be it people around you or be it fashion; nothing stays constant. 

To ensure success, you have to keep evolving. Especially when it comes to fashion, you must always stay up to date. But oh! So many changes in a period so small… How do I even manage?

Easy, we are here to help you out to make sure that you are always on the top of your fashion game no matter what. Here are four fashion rules to glam up your lifestyle:

  1. Stick to One Fragrance

How to know that a person has entered the room without seeing them?

Simple. By the smell of the perfume that the person is wearing.

Fragrances are an underrated aspect of fashion. A pleasant fragrance is your signature. No matter where you go, your fragrances can be the ‘wow’ factor in your style.


Fragrances define you. Therefore, it is imperative to always stick to one fragrance for yourself. Once you do that for a long time, people associate that smell to you.

But the question always arises, what fragrance to choose from the unending range available out there? Well, the idea is to make sure that you choose a fragrance that is not only mild but also stays with you for hours. 

That is why you can never hit the target at the first shot. So, you will always find your perfect fragrance after a good deal of experimenting. But don’t be afraid to try out new things. Also, don’t feel bad at splurging some money on perfume. It is an investment worth making. 

2. A Leather Jacket Is Always In Fashion

Remember how we said that fashion is always changing? Well, for just this one piece of clothing, forget that advice. 

You see, some things are evergreen. Just like you could not ever have enough of the Word Search game as a kid, you can’t ever have enough of a leather jacket.

Leather Jacket

Do you know the most exciting part about leather jackets?

Apart from just being a classic, leather jackets have brought out some of the very best new styles. Today, you can get a wide range of Brando, biker, bomber, blazer, fringe jackets. You can find a variety of so many colors that you could never find in any other apparel option.

But what you must always keep in mind with leather jackets, is that the right fitting will always get you to places. So, before you get a leather jacket, remember to try it on.

3. Shoes Define You

What if we tell you that your shoes define you? Would you still wear them like you always do – dirty and torn?

That is what we are going to tell you. Shoes will dictate how people treat you. Your first impression is based on your shoes.

It is not just about wearing nice and clean shoes, but also about wearing the right shoes for the right occasions. According to fashion website allforfashiondesign, ‘Every person should have a few go-to pairs of shoes that they can wear all-year-round with any wardrobe.’

Learn to differentiate between what is formal and what is casual and follow the line religiously. You need to keep this in mind, especially if you are constantly juggling between your work and social life.

4. Comfy is the New Cool

A decade back, if you saw someone hanging out in their pajamas and slippers, you would probably come to believe that the person is homeless, right?

Today, however, pajamas and comfortable clothing are no more restricted to night time outfits only. Now, more emphasis is placed on what’s comfortable rather than what’s more stylish.

People have learned not to compromise their comfort at the cost of style. However, the key still is to rock your outfit in public. Do not overdo it. Moreover, keep your comfy outfits restricted to settings where it might be acceptable to wear them. 

There are still some redlines. You cannot wear these to formal settings. Don’t show up at gatherings or meetings in them. Nobody would like it. So, unless you don’t want to keep your job, we recommend not wearing pajamas to the office.


While much of the fashion industry is about changing with time, don’t feel shy to bring out your classic style every time you dress. Remember, fashion is more about carrying everything with confidence than it is about having the right accessories.

So, if you can rock your outfits with confidence, we can guarantee you that you are smart in your fashion choices, you can save a lot of money. When you buy, remember to get items that are versatile and trendy, and that will be in for at least some time. 

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