5 Advantages Of Taking On Physiotherapy Bentleigh

Physiotherapy Bentleigh which has gained immense reputation and popularity offers wide varieties of therapeutic services to its customers. Their physiotherapists use treatments supported by evidence to make sure that their patients are getting the most effective pain relief treatment for their injury or pain.  Physiotherapy Bentleigh not only offers short term pain relief treatments, but also rehabilitates and strengthens to prevent that problem from occurring again.


The therapy of diseases, injuries and disorders using physical methods like massage, exercise over surgery and medication is termed as physiotherapy or physical therapy. Physiotherapists at Bentleigh are high trained professionals who provide the best possible treatment to patients suffering from any physical problem caused due to disease, injury, ageing and illness. They aim at enhancing the standard of life by using varied therapies to ease pain and restore function or to reduce the effects of dysfunction in case of permanent damage caused.

Physiotherapy Bentleigh Offers You The Following Advantages:



1. Sports physiotherapy. – Physiotherapists at Bentleigh assess your musculoskeletal injuries through a properly structured process which includes objective tests, subjective questioning and physical touch. They further diagnose your injury and comprehend what has contributed to its development. Afterwards, you get a plan to alleviate your pain and injury which includes lifestyle, manual therapy, modifications in your sports practices and rehabilitation based on exercise.  The main benefit that physiotherapy Bentleigh will give you is to provide you with enhanced endurance which might give you an edge afterwards. Also, physical therapy improves blood circulation and toughens your muscles thus increasing its flexibility.

2. Physical Therapy helps reduce pain. – Extreme pain can at times become really difficult and frustrating to endure. Physiotherapists atPhysiotherapy Bentleigh offers therapeutic exercises and treatments that will mobilize your joints and soft tissues , restoring them to their normal functioning , lessening aches alleviating pain . Regular physical exercises can prevent the same pain from occurring twice.



3. Injury prevention screening– One can get complete musculoskeletal screening at physiotherapy Bentleigh which can identify and assess the weak areas, thus enabling physiotherapists to plan and follow a strategy beforehand, thus decreasing the likelihood of the injury.  The plan will help in strengthening the vulnerable points of any patient’s body and will allow them to plan an exercise regimen and conditioning program especially targeted for the weak parts of your body, thus preventing the occurrence of such pains in future.

4. Clinical Pilates– Clinical Pilates taught by professional physiotherapists helps in building stability in muscles which is essential for spinal stability. It also aids in preventing injuries, enhances your symmetry and can build up stability, strength essential to perform sports activities.

5. Physical Therapy can help avoid surgery– In some cases, physiotherapy might reduce chances of opting a surgery. It eliminates pain, heals the pain and improves physical health, facilitating mobility of your body. And in cases where surgery is unavoidable, physical therapy can enable your body to recover faster.

The various fields where physiotherapy works and the varied therapies and physio treatments physiotherapy Bentleigh provide have been given below.

  • Orthopaedic physiotherapy: This type of physiotherapy is applied to treat sprains, arthritis, back pain, bursitis, incontinence, workplace and sports-related injuries and posture problems.
  • Neurological physiotherapy: This type of physiotherapy is used to treat patients having nervous disorders like spinal cord injuries, strokes, multiple sclerosis, other brain injuries and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Cardiothoracic physiotherapy: These treatments are used to cure problems related to lungs like chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema and other respiratory disorders.

Each patient’s treatment is designed by therapists to cater to their requirements. Manual therapies include mobilization, joint manipulation, stretching and manual resistance training. Treatments under exercises consist of cardiovascular stretching, building up muscles, posture retraining etc.  Electrotherapy treatment consists of laser therapy, ultrasound, diathermy and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

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