From Mild to Wild: Sexploration in the Modern Age


Millennials are having less sex with other people— but it doesn’t mean we’re having less sex with ourselves. 

Maybe you’ve heard of this whole “Millennial Sex Recession”, something that sparked some serious controversy last year and still seems to be reeling in some circles. Maybe you haven’t, and you’re living in a sex paradise all your own. Maybe you’re having wild, vivacious, crazy sex— maybe you’re more of a vanilla connoisseur.

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Whatever sex you’re currently experiencing (or not) chances are you fit comfortably into the “wild or mild” categories. The unfettered truth behind the millennial dry spell isn’t actually that they’re not having sex at all— just less sex than generations that came before. Which is probably fair, considering as a millennial, we go into the world of sex with our eyes peeled wide open. 

We don’t really have to wonder what it is we’re into, or feel weird about liking different things like hardcore, Reality Kings Porn, or softcore anime, or homosexual sex, or hetero, or non-gender conforming physical intimacy. Whatever it is, we don’t have to do a ton of exploring through our bodies, because we already have the ability to explore in our minds. Which means we can get on with our lives without the hassles of that LTR. Making us our own sex experts. We know what we want, we have a pretty decent idea of how to get it— and no amount of time spent on Tinder is going to deter that. So maybe instead of focusing on the fact we’re having less sex, we should be focusing on the fact that we’re having better sex. With or without a partner. 

Some Like it Mild 

One of the absolute best parts of being raised, reared, and grown in the most sexually explicit and welcoming generation known to history is that we don’t have to play mess around to get our needs met. There is a whole universe of online porn out there that can help us to better explore our own proclivities, our own bodies, and our own emotional responses to intimacy. If you’re into a milder approach to sex, something that requires a bit more build up, a bit more passion, and maybe a bit more of that slow burn— you’re in luck. There are tons of adult content available for exactly this moment. This can be anything from softcore or romantic porn, to lesbian or bisexual porn— both of which rate better among women, which consequently just happen to be the majority shareholders in Camp Mild.

This type of porn pairs best with a decent bottle of wine, a bathtub, your favorite vibrator, and just about anything else that will contribute to your mellow, and decidedly, unplugged evening. 

The Wilder Side of Sex

Just because you’re into the wild side of things, definitely doesn’t mean you need a +1 (or more) to get your rocks off. It’s often thought that people who like to get a little crazy in the bedroom have a tendency to be easy, or have so many notches in their bedpost that the structural integrity of the entire bed is at risk— but frankly, this isn’t actually true either. There are a number of absolute freaks in the bedroom that love to cozy up with their one and only. Which is great! Especially if you’re into that sort of thing (zero shame if you like to keep it open and free as well). The thing about having a zest for the kinkier things in life is that it doesn’t actually set you apart from your peers. As showcased by porn— there’s probably a whole, massive community of people who are into the exact same things you are. Which can definitely mean whips, gags, anal, and a whole list of flavors that are great additions to the standard menu. 

Trying to figure out how to get the best night of wild-solo relief possible? Easy. Find your favorite Reality Kings porn, snag a remote control butt plug, favorite dildo, cock ring, or any other sumptuous little device you’ve got and dig in! Bonus points for throwing in a blindfold and just listening to some hardcore porn in the background. Let your imagination run free!

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