From Rags To Riches: 5 Helpful Android Apps For A Newbie Boss

Being a boss is not easy. Although most people dream of becoming business leaders, this title requires a fair share of skills, time, and patience if you want to keep everything in place and help your organization function smoothly and effortlessly.

5 Helpful Android Apps For A Newbie Boss

However, it’s not something a lot of people can do single-handedly because they need to take care of every single aspect of their businesses. This is exactly why studies show that less than 3% of companies end up completing all of their projects successfully.

But there is a solution to the problem and it comes in the form of mobile apps. Today, a smartphone is one of the fundamental weapons in the arsenal of a business owner, so you might as well augment it with a few management tools.

From traveling to entertainment, you can find it all on Google Play Store. In this post, we will present you with five helpful Android apps for a newbie boss. Let’s take a look!

  1. Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft Office Suite has always been one of the most popular and important tools of the digital era. After all, can you imagine a single company not using the likes of Microsoft Word or Excel? We bet you can’t, which is why we recommend you to download Microsoft One Drive.

With this tool at your disposal, you can administer all file formats from the MS Office package with your smartphone. You get to open, edit, send, save, and share documents in Excel, Power Point, Word, and One Note going back to your laptop and wasting precious time.

What we love about Microsoft One Drive is the fact that each program comes with a more or less similar user interface that we are familiar with already. You don’t have to search for new options or wander around – everything functions the way you know it. 

This is particularly important for senior managers working for the best dissertation writing service such as Ninja Essay because they constantly have to open and review MS Word files, which can be tricky without Microsoft One Drive. You can test the app for free and then choose whether to pay for the full business version.

  1. Asana

A boss can hardly be productive without a project management tool like Asana. If you are not familiar with it, you just have to give it a try as soon as possible. Why is that so? Well, Asana contains a number of features critical to the success of every business. With it, you can:

  • Create to-do lists for every member of the team. You can set reminders, monitor progress, and send requests anytime and anywhere.
  • Create a project dashboard and let everybody write ideas, replies, and project-related comments.
  • Send and receive project documentation and files. The whole team participates in those activities and so the collaboration can reach its maximum level.

Asana functions both offline and online, but your instructions will synchronize when you connect to the Internet again (in case you don’t have a mobile network in 2019). The basic platform is free of charge for up to 15 team members, but you can check the full version starting at $9.99 per user per month.

  1. Upwork

Clever business owners know they don’t have to offer full-time employment to every single person contributing to the project. On the contrary, sometimes it’s enough to hire a freelancer and let him/her complete a one-time project quickly and effortlessly.

This is where Upwork steps in to save your day. It is the official app of the world’s largest freelancing network. The network attracts more than 16 million freelancers with skill sets ranging from architecture and engineering to medicine and digital marketing. In other words, you can find a reliable employee 365 days a year.

Jake Gardner, a human resource manager at VelvetJobs and ZipJob, shares his opinion about Upwork: “This free app is a game-changer in the business universe because now you can hire serious professionals remotely while shrinking the salary fund. Upwork shows you the employment history of every freelancer along with employers’ comments, so you probably make a mistake when choosing the right candidate.” 

  1. Invoice Maker

What’s a manager without an invoicing app? Sending invoices is certainly one of your biggest priorities and we suggest using Invoice Maker to simplify the procedure. What is this tool?

Invoice Maker is a user-friendly Android app designed specifically for small and medium-sized business owners who want to make and exchange bills quickly using mobile devices. It gives you the kind of flexibility that the 20th century entrepreneurs could only dream of.

A customizable invoice template allows you to tailor the content so as to fit the branding guide of your company. There are tons of other options besides that, but we will mention only a few that you can try for free:

  • Create cost estimations and charge the client upon confirmation.
  • Change and rearrange invoice fields like dates, order numbers, etc.
  • Set your own payment terms and due dates. 
  • Add discount fields.
  • Add the electronic signature.
  • Send invoices as email or live chat messages. 
  1. TSheets Time Tracker

TSheets Time Tracker is a payroll system ideal for smaller teams and organizations. The app is designed to record time extremely accurately, so you can keep an eye on your employees regardless of their daily schedules and work routines. 

As such, TSheets Time Tracker is a great solution for content creation professionals who spend time controlling projects such as write my essay UK or Ninja Essays review. Namely, the platform guarantees precision and accuracy, so you don’t have to worry about creating imprecise work logs and miscalculating employees’ salaries.


Business owners enjoy the privilege of controlling their teams, but they also have the responsibility to handle everything timely and efficiently. This is rarely ever an easy job, particularly if they are not using digital assistance.

In this article, we showed you five helpful Android apps for a newbie boss. Have you ever tried one of these apps? Share your opinions in comments – we would love to hear more about your experiences with business apps!

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