Gallstones Laparoscopic Surgery Removal Is Surprisingly Common – MD Valeria Simone

Terrified of gallbladder treatment medical procedure however experiencing outrageous torment? Anxious that the medical procedure may leave a long lasting scar? 

Seeking after a home cure or restorative fix to maintain a strategic distance from medical procedure? 

You are not the only one. Gallbladder stones influence 10-15% of the American grown-ups. 

Be that as it may, too bad there is no home cure.

Gallstones Laparoscopic Surgery Removal

What are gallstones and how do they develop? 

Solid particles that form in the gallbladder when the amount of cholesterol or bilirubin in the bile is high. These particles are called are called gallstones.

 This has become a modern phenomenon across the world due to the

  •  low fibre content in food
  • Eating high fat food example fast foods like pizza, burgers and fries
  • And high cholesterol diet among adults.

What are the symptoms of having gallstones?

Renowned Laparoscopic Surgeon at Southlake General Surgery’s Dr Simone, says, 

When a gallstone is lodged in cystic duct or biliary system of the gallbladder, you may experience severe abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting.

Is it possible to remove gallstones at home or is it possible to remove it without surgery?

Sadly, no!

Home remedies: People often turn to natural process or home remedies due to the phobia of surgery. But the fact remains that this is ineffective. There are no research work or successful experiments to suggest the effectiveness of home remedies. Moreover, trying home remedies by hearsay can also lead to worsening of the gallstones leading to adverse medical conditions.

Treatment without surgery: 

In Dr Valeria Simone’s words,

 “There are few medications but they may not work for everyone.”

These medications may take years to dissolve gallstones but these stones might reappear when the medication is stopped. It doesn’t eliminate the risk of the stone slipping down and does not provide a permanent solution.”

How dangerous is gallstone removal surgery?

The danger lies in leaving the gallstones untreated and not in surgery.

A gallstone laparoscopic surgery also known as cholecystectomy is done with minimal risk and high efficiency. Therefore it is not painful and scarring is minimal.

The surgery becomes dangerous when gallstones slip down and get stuck in the cystic duct or biliary system of the gallbladder. This results in 

  • extreme pain in the upper right portion of the abdomen
  • Severe indigestion

What is the recovery period for this surgery?

In case of no complications and if the surgery is laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery then  the patient can be discharged within 24-36 hours.

Most of the patients can go back to the usual routine within three days.

Should you ask the doctor questions about the surgery?

Dr Simone MD reminds us that, 

“When considering a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, don’t hesitate to ask any questions from your surgeon. You should go ahead with the surgery when there are no doubts in your mind.”

The best hospital for this surgery is Southlake General Surgery. They have, Dr. Valeria Simone MD as their surgeon. Dr Simone has over 25 years of experience in various top hospitals across the USA.

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