What Games can You Play when you’re Bored at Home?

Games to play when bored at home – Nowadays, it’s not safe to go outside of the house without any emergency purpose. Most of the people stay at home and have family members around. Often, console gaming and watching shows online also become boring. It is because you have nothing to do much staying inside your house. So, you can play some interesting games that engage your other family members when they are free of chores. But what games can you play when your bored at home? 

games to play when bored at home

Playing indoor games with family is a great way to spend your time. It helps to increase the attachment and understanding with your family members during the global pandemic. That is why here are my suggestions for games and activities that you can do along with your dear ones to spend some quality time without going outside.

Games for You and your Family

Well, I am not mentioning anything like pool or card games. Instead, bowling ball,ping pong tables, and others are on my list. So, try any of them that can be played within a less arrangement.

#1 Balloon Badminton

For me, it is one of the best ways to spend some good time at home with kids. You don’t need too much preparation or equipment to play.

Things to Collect:

  • Couple of Badminton rackets
  • A balloon

The rule of this game is similar to normal badminton games. Here, you are just using the balloon instead of the shuttle cork. This game is pretty much eligible for playing with children of your house.

#2 Mini Bowling

Mini Bowling game is quite enjoyable and interesting. That is why I am recommending this game to you all.

Things to Collect:

  • Some empty water bottles
  • A tennis ball
  • Thread

To play this game at home, you need to have a long floor. That is why I suggest you play it on your balcony or corridor. 

First of all, place all the empty bottles like bowling pins. Here, you need to make sure all the bottles have the same shape and size. 

Then, pull threads from both sides of the end of the bowling surface where bottles are kept to the starting line. You should keep the threads parallel with each other. 

Now roll the tennis ball from the starting line to hit the bottles like you are bowling. It is a very challenging indoor game that keeps all your family members busy and lets them enjoy each other company.

#3 Treasure Hunt

Things You Need:

  • Papers
  • Some Fancy stuff

If you have to spend almost an hour, then try this game. Here, you have to hide some fancy things in a place at your home considering them as treasures. 

Then, make the same maps on some papers and give them to participants. They have to follow the map and find the primary clue. When they find it, they move ahead to get the rest of the clues and hints. 

The player who gets to collect the treasure is the winner. You have to make sure you have kept something very interesting as the treasure.

#4 Word Cycle

This is an old but trendy game that also helps to learn some new words. There is no need for any stuff to play this game. 

You can sit with your family is a circle and any of you starts a game by telling a word. The person sitting next to the first player needs to say a word that begins with the letter that is at the end of the previous word in thirty seconds or more. The time to say the next word is fixed. This is how the game flows.

Any person fails to say a word starting with the letter that is at the end of the previous word gets eliminated. In the end, the only person not eliminated is the winner.

#4 Box Making with Dots

It is a classical game that is fun to play. People of any age can play this game. You can add as many as players you want.

Things You Need:

  • Pencils
  • A large cardboard or paper

In this game, you need to take a large paper that has dots in straight row and columns. The way of playing is simple. Each player gets to make a line with any two dots of a column or row one by one. 

The player who can draw a line that completes a 1×1 box gets the point. The player’s name should be written in the box to know who has done it. 

The game ends when there are no dots left to attach on the paper. The player who has made the highest number of boxes becomes the winner.

#5 Mini Basketball

It is a good game among teenagers and kids. But an elderly person can also join the game for fun.

Things You Need:

  • A small bucket
  • A tennis ball

You have to keep the bucket around eight or nine feet higher of the ground. You can attach it on the wall or hang it with the ceiling fan, which is turned off. The common way is to put the bucket on a bookshelf or wall shelf. 

The number of players is not fixed. Every player gets five chances in one round. In those chances, they have to throw and try to put the tennis ball into the bucket. While throwing, the player should keep a good distance to make the game competitive. 

After a round, the player who has put the ball more than others becomes the winner. You can keep several rounds of the game to make it lengthy.


Apart from the list above, there several more games that can engage you and your family in having quality time. You can also do something creative with your family to spend your leisure time. The only thing matters here is to keep up your mental health during your stay at home. To keep the relationship with your dearest one in good condition, you must interact with them, share your thought, and make them a part of your happiness. I wish you the very best for you and your family members.

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