Why Ghostbusters Trailer is Not Good Enough

The new Ghostbusters movie may be a promising venture, but its trailer isn’t.

Ghostbusters trailer

Presently, each and every complaint about a new movie does not merit ones attention due to the fact that most of them originate in the minds of people with innate biases. However, there is a latest movie in town that has been subjected to a lot of ridicule. Obviously, all this criticism on the movie does have some merit.

Before writing about the flaw in it, I would like to say that there are a lot of people who actually enjoyed the trailer of the latest ‘Ghostbusters’, but there were many more who did not like it. These people also had their reasons that seem valid enough.

There are people who will not be entertained by the idea of comedy with female leads. Such people will find the movie surprisingly entertaining as well as enlightening. The first point that goes against the new Ghostbusters is that it seems like a Xerox copy of the original movie.

This was certainly uncalled for since there are several ideas at the disposal of the director while creating a reboot of a great movie. There is a lot of nostalgia to cash in on just like The Force Awakens. When it comes to a reboot, nostalgia is good, Deja vu isn’t.

The second point is that every joke is not equally funny and something that you may find funny may not seem so funny to another person. The original Ghostbusters was an amazingly funny movie. The trailer of the new one doesn’t feel so promising.

The Ghostbusters trailer obviously missed another very important point: the trailer is not the movie. It is not supposed to be long. A good trailer takes the viewers on a roller coaster ride, and leaves you craving for the movie. It would end of a very enticing note with a loud bang. The trailer is supposed to be extremely exciting. The trailer of Ghostbusters 2016 was simply a snooze.

Decency is good but it doesn’t sell on the silver screen. These days, every other movie trailer features at least one glimpse of a cleavage or a bikini or a woman taking her shirt off. It wouldn’t have hurt if one of the leads had just a little bit.

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