Google Pixel 2 shipping dates extended

Google Pixel 2 – Some customers may not be able to get their hands on the set before November

Google Pixel 2 shipping dates extended

Repeated trend

It has been learned through historical data that whenever Google launches a phone, the event is never smooth as people would have anticipated.

During the launching of previous versions the Nexus 6P and the Pixel, there were delays. Now, as per past practice, the launching of the new Pixel 2 is also seeing the same trend being repeated.

It must, however, be agreed that Google always tries to make amends with some kind of incentive whenever its customers face such delays.

The new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Google’s Pixel 2 and its XL versions have some features which are truly novel. But like almost every other smartphone, they also have their own problems. There are already complains that the display is not very vibrant especially when compared to the previous versions of the phone.

During the past few days Reddit has reported that Google customers are complaining that their shipment dates have been delayed from October to November.

The good thing is that all those customers who have been affected by this delay will receive a free live case in order to make up for the trouble.

White Version

It seems as if the problem identified by Google customers is confined to the White version of the Google Pixel 2 which has a 64GB of storage space.

The black version of same phone as well as the white version with 128 GB are still not in available. Google hasn’t announced their shipment dates yet.

Google has already started shooting e-mails to the customers whose sets will be delayed. The e-mails inform them they may use a code in order to claim their free case from Google.

Furthermore, the company also allows them to avail the option of cancelling their order if they don’t want to wait for their sets.

Not a smooth launch

The rising concern regarding the quality of the set’s display, coupled with the delays in shipment, it is obvious that the launch is anything but smooth.

Fortunately there are some novel features in the phone like the squeezable sides and 3-years software updates which may persuade customers to wait for their sets.

With concerns about display quality and now shipping delays, this hasn’t been the smoothest launch. Hopefully for Google, the squeezable sides and three years of software updates can convince people to keep their orders.

Has your Google Pixel 2 shipment been delayed? Are you considering canceling your order? Let us know down in the comments.

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