Google Will Display Indian Museum Gallery

As per the latest news, Google Cultural Institute will now display Indian artifacts. Google will display Indian Museum gallery. Indian Museum is deciding to launch its eversion.

Google Will Display Indian Museum Gallery

Google Will Display Indian Museum Gallery:

Now anyone can see and enjoy the artifacts of Indian Museum online. This is happening because Indian Museum has decided to throw an e-version of its gallery. It will allow the viewers to have a 360 degree panoramic angle of all the galleria. Google will display Indian Museum gallery.

According to the news, this gallery will contain interesting and informative collection of the Indian museum. If we look at the significant highpoints of the exhibition, it attracts the art lover towards itself. For instance, the Google cultural institute contains information about the sculpture off the head of Buddha. This sculpture is from the fifth decade. This sculpture is very popular. It is even present in the school text books.

According to the director of the Indian Museum, this is the very first online gallery of the museum. In addition that, he also claims that all galleries will be available on Google Cultural Institute. These galleries are now available for the viewers on Google. So, now people can enjoy and entertain themselves by watching these galleries.

It is exactly the same as you are wandering in the Indian Museum. If you want to look at the ceiling, the gallery will let you do that. This is the most amazing part. You will enjoy it and feel like it is happening. This is done in order to provide you excellent images.

The history behind this success lies in the hardworking team of Google. Google engaged its participants from United Kingdom and United States for this project.  Now, they are successful in creating a clearer pictures of reserves from the museum. They focused on capturing high-resolution images.

The team is working hard. Indian museum administration and Google team is working with collaboration. This project is taking so long because of the reason that they are trying to give their best. In addition to that, the team works only when visitors are not allowed in the museum. So, they only work on Mondays. Because, the Indian Museum remain closed on Mondays. We are hoping to have an amazing online gallery of Indian Museum’s treasures very soon. Google will allow these online galleries for common viewers by the starting of the next year. Google will display Indian Museum gallery.


It will be very entertaining for people who admire artifacts from all over the world. It will  also be useful for people who admires artifacts. The most amazing thing is you can enjoy this gallery anytime. . Google will display Indian Museum gallery. In addition to that, it gives an amazing view of all the treasures of the museum.

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