Guide To Understand The Trends Of Instagram For Your Marketing Interests

Trends of Instagram

Instagram is perhaps the most eminent visual media platform of this time. It is undoubtedly the trend of marketers, advertisers, and users. The exponential growth of social media platforms indicates that visual marketing is a key element of social media marketing.

32% of marketers expressed that visual contents are the essential parts of their business. According to a survey, 65% of people can recall the visual contents they came across even three days ago. With more than 500 million users using Instagram daily, it is expected to hit a revenue of 14 million USD in the present year.

These facts highlight the importance of Instagram as a platform to showcase your business and grow or exponentially.

Why Is Instagram So Popular?

Social media platforms that mainly focus on visual contents, such as Pinterest and Instagram, are well ahead of others. There are a lot of stern reasons for this. First of all, visual materials are treating to the audience, and they have fun to explore ideas and products in a fun way.

Instagram focuses on imagery, and style makes it an attractive and engaging platform. The highly segmented audience as per their preferences and likes make targeting the right base for your business easier.

Instagram is a photo-based platform incorporating some of the best features of apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and others. Special and innovative features make it more attractive to both marketers and users. A little insight into some of the trending features will help you develop an idea of the scenario:

Story Feature

Stories are the top-notch of the present time. Users enjoy exploring stories on Instagram. This particular feature has received great positive feedback across the globe. Advertisers use stories to create smart and entertaining ad contents to attract followers. Eminent business organisations also buy Instagram followers to expand their base.

Marketers can set distinct goals as per video views, app installation, and many more. The direct response from Story ads makes targeting the right audience based on age, location, interest, shopping history etcetera.

The Story Ads with 15 seconds screen time are the best bets to create engaging and entertaining ads to captivate your followers and in turn, cater for your business interests.

The Role Of Influencers

Instagram is a huge hub of influencers. Thousands of people actively view the contents posted by social influencers every day to grow their preferences and lifestyle. Advertisers and marketers are taking full advantage of this scenario.

Through the correct reading of the public interests and manipulating the available options, ad makers can target the exact audience they want. Role of motivators and micro Influencers are undeniable in this context.

A Few More Features

There are tons of other features and aspects of the platform that make it the best window for marketers to use. A few of those are:

  • IGTV, which is a result of crossing over the styles of YouTube and Snapchat. Instagram’s IGTV is a tool in its developing phase, but it has the potential to become a significant option. You can use it for creating brand awareness and showcase your products by collaborating with influencers.

  • Branded stickers are a very colourful and innovative move by Instagram. Stickers specially designed for your brand and usable by users make the image of your company brighter and certainly help in promoting.

  • In-app checkout feature with minimum clicks is unique and rapidly gaining momentum. The popularity of this feature is growing massively among marketers as well as regular users.

Be updated about your follower’s choice. Buy Instagram likes and establish your authority in the market. With better knowledge of the trends, you are much likely to get ahead in the competition and boost your business.

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