Handy Shares Desserts to Enjoy During Ramadan


The best part of Ramadan is the food that follows after fasting the whole day. According to Handy, desserts are always the highlights of any iftar meal, and you should try these out during Ramadan. Fasting is not much easy as you think because it drops the blood sugar dramatically. Some traditional desserts are essential to keep your sugar level normal. You can eat desserts in both sahur and iftar. Deserts with fresh fruits are the wiser choice. 

Here are some of the desserts to enjoy during Ramadan:

The Desserts

  1. Ma’amoul – Dates make a big part of your Arabian cuisine and naturally you can find them in desserts. Ma’amoul is one such dessert. The shortbread cookies are filled with dates and have a sweet aroma of rose water. In some parts of the world, they are also filled with nuts instead of dates. Walnuts or pistachios take up the place of dates and they give a crunchy twist to the sweet dessert. It is very popular during Ramadan and found in many countries including Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. 
  2. Baklawa – It is flaky, crispy, nutty, and excites your taste buds like no other Ramadan dessert. A staple of the Middle East, this multi-layered flaky delicacy is made with chopped nuts like almonds, pistachios, or walnuts wrapped with phyllo pastry. They are irresistible and you can’t stop with just one. 
  3. Qatayef– This dessert is native to a significant portion of the Middle East including Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. Qatayef holds a permanent spot among the traditional Ramadan desserts in these countries and resembles little sweet pancakes. Your sweet tooth won’t have any complaints when you taste these delicacies that are filled with custard, cheese, or cream. If you opt for the deep-fried variant, expect chopped nuts on them soaked in syrup. 
  4. Luqaimat– They are round, soft, and delicious to the point of being sinful. With a crispy texture on the outside and a sweet and softcore, they represent the spirit and people of the Middle East. You would often find them at traditional post-iftar family gatherings and bakeries can’t do without them during the period of Ramadan. The sweet dumplings are available in most Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and more.
  5. Basbousa – Basbousa has many names including Hareesa and Namoura. However, the traditional semolina cake is a heavenly Arab dessert that has to be featured during the time of Ramadan. The sweet cake is made by cooking the semolina batter with rose water, orange flower water, and topped with nuts like almonds or pistachios. You can enjoy this dish with the whole family by following the traditional way of cutting it into diamond pieces. 
  6. Kunafa – Kunafa is the uncontested queen of Ramadan desserts. It is a craving that knows no bounds and scores top spot on after-iftar meals. Made from phyllo dough that is shredded to resemble thin noodles, this dessert is stuffed with cheese and ashta, a fresh clotted thick cream. To top off this gooey yummy dish, people often drizzle it with honey and add crunchy nuts at the top. 
  7. Khajla Pheni- Khajla Pheni tends to be the traditional dessert that has been specially prepared in Ramadan. It is a kind of deep vermicelli pastry that is deep-fried. It has made with flour and then fried in the Oil or Ghee. 

It is very easy to make because you get this from the market easily in the whole Ramadan. You have to take warm milk and sugar and then put Pheni in it. It will soak in the milk and enjoy this desert like a cereal. It is a very light dessert, and you can also take it in the sehri. Moreover, you can add some nuts to it. 


Conclusively, these sweet desserts are essential to maintain the blood sugar level in the body. You can eat these traditional desserts to make your Ramadan more sweet and delicious. Breaking the fast with dates is Sunnah because it fulfills your sugar craving. 

Handy believes that you should include these dishes on your next iftar meals with these Ramadan desserts. That lets you end the day on a sweet note.

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