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Mehndi Artist or Mehndi Designer

Mehendi, a way of defining happiness and celebration on the hands. Reason could be any, a celebration is so incomplete without those swirly patterns and artistic design. Indian ladies have that unbeatable craze for mehndi designs that goes generations to generations. At weddings, these mehndi stains imprint excitement of the journey on the groom’s hands as well.

Mehndi Artist or Mehndi Designer whatever you call them, articulate all your excitement with those alluring motifs and patterns. If you have that slightest doubt about the local mehndi artist or you want to explore some new trendy mehndi designs in your own city, we are enlisting Top Mehndi Artist in Surat

Ways To Get The Best Out Of It

Creating mehndi a day before the wedding, used to be a ritual but if we want that good range of stain we need to make the design 2-3 days before the ceremony. To get the best result from the whole process, you need to keep these basics on your fingertips. Here we are sharing the most common but most ignored tactics to bring that perfect stain out of your mehndi.

Give It Some Time

To Get the best shade of the mehndi stain, you need to give that extra time to it. Mehendi speaks the loudest after 48 hours when it is removed. The average time required to get the best stain, you need to keep the mehndi on, for around 6 hours.

Go For A Trial

To understand the style of the mehndi artist, this option gives you that risk-free comfort for the wedding day itself. Trying up the makeup artist before the ceremony is the best way that will give you an idea about the design he/she is going to try on your hands. Through this trial, you will also estimate their speed of completing the whole design. You can schedule the day, you want your mehndi done, accordance with the speed they are creating the design.

Check The Originality of cones

If you are choosing a local mehndi artist or trying an expert in the field, you need to assure if the cones they are going to use are the organic one or a mixture of some chemicals for a darker stain. If they cannot bring the organic one you should go for a patch test to check if there is any side effect you are experiencing with that test. A patch test is a good option even if you are opting for an organic mixture, sometimes an organic ingredient does not suit some specific skin types.

Post Care of your Mehendi

Applying mehndi and getting a good dark stain are two different things. Solution of lemon and sugar are some common application which you should not apply more than 2-3 times on your dried mehendi as if it is overdone it can vanish the result you are expecting it to be. People wrap up their mehendi hands with plastic which gives no benefit to the color of mehndi as that will generate heat in your palms and will lead to spoiling the mehndi design. Suggested and practiced by some mehndi artist in surat, you should wrap your mehendi with a toilet paper like a mummy. Asking for any specific instruction to your mehndi artist will also help you a lot, as they know better what extra care it needs according to the mehndi mixture they have applied.

Time Needed

When you should remove your mehendi totally depends when you applied it. If the mehndi was applied in the night you can remove it, the next morning or if you applied Mehendi in the night, removing it in the morning will give it a sufficient period of time to create the perfect stain in your hands. Mehendi on your hands will always appear darker than the mehendi you applied on your feet, no matter what care you have given to it too.

How to Remove

Around 6 hours is needed to get that amazing stain on your hand, but when you are removing it, just simply rinsing it with tap water is not the right idea. The best way of removing the Mehendi to ensure its longevity is to scrapping it off instead of washing it roughly with water.

We would love to hear if there is anything you found helpful in these tips or any further suggestions are welcomed too.

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