Thousands of Hillary Clinton deleted emails found by hackers

Hillary Clinton deleted emails has gathered a lot of controversy in the mainstream US media. It is being said that the same issue may adversely affect Ms. Clinton’s chances of becoming the next US president.

Hillary Clinton deleted emails

Controversy over Hillary Clinton email scandal

 In March 2015, Hillary Clinton had used her private email server for carrying out official communication in spite of using the email accounts of the state department. These email accounts are maintained with the federal servers.

Hillary Clinton’s emails included thousands of messages that were later marked as classified communication by the State Department.

Hillary’s presidential campaign

Hillary’s deleted emails controversy unfolded in the backdrop of the campaign for presidency. It also came to fore during the hearing of the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

Congress members, and experts have opined that using private email server for official communication is a violation of the protocols and procedures of the State Department. It is also a breach of the federal laws.

Clinton respond that her personal email account fulfilled the compliance requirements of the federal laws as well as the regulation set by the state department.

Moreover, previous secretaries of state had also maintained their own personal email accounts. However, these accounts were not maintained on their private e-mail servers.

Serious Allegations

There were very serious allegations that a few of the emails sent and received through Clinton’s private sever contained classified information.

The FBI carried out an investigation and came with the conclusion that Clinton did handle classified information on her private server. Hillary handled not only classified emails on her own server, but also secret and top secret emails.

The Inspector General’s office of the state department released a lengthy report in May this year which highlighted the email practices of the state department.

In its conclusion, the FBI report stated that Clinton was very careless in handling classified emails. The FBI also filed a recommendation that no charges be filed against Hillary.

Anonymous found to released Hillary Clinton deleted emails

The famous internet hackers Anonymous found to released Hillary 33000 deleted emails. The group said that Clinton was involved in lying and corrupt dealings. She should be held accountable for all her sins.

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