Hobart in 2020 | Things to Do and Must-See Attractions

Hobart is the capital of the Australian state of Tasmania. It is the second oldest capital city in Australia and has currently grown to become a tourist hotspot. There are many things to see in this city, and if you are planning to travel in 2020, you should consider visiting the city.

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Also, there are many interesting activities lined up for the year, starting in January. Here are some of the best things to do in Hobart in 2020:

1. Explore Tasmania’s Wildlife

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Hobart has one of the richest wildlife in the world. You can explore Mt. Field National Park and Summit Mount Wellington, and you can also walk through the streets of Richmond. In these areas, you can expect to meet the Tasmanian Devils. With an agency, you can explore this whole region exhaustively within 9 hours. It is advisable to work with an English-speaking tour guide as they know exactly where to take you.

2. Take a Sight-Seeing Tour on Bruny Island

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An all-inclusive gourmet and sight-seeing tour on Bruny Island will cost you close to €100. This will include a visit to the Adventure Bay, Cape Bruny, and the Lighthouse. On the way, you will see some interesting and rare wildlife, like wallabies. For this price, the agency will also offer you food and drink throughout the trip. Most of them will include a stop at Hotel Bruny for some local speciality foods such as oysters and lamb. This tour should typically take about 11 hours.

3. Attend the Upcoming Hobart Cup

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The Hobart Cup is one of the most exciting events in this region. This Tasmanian horse race involves thoroughbred horses and covers 2400 metres. The open handicap race is held at Elwick Racecourse in Glenorchy. Typically, the event is held in February, either on the first or second Monday. But in 2020, it will be held on Sunday 9th February.

4. Take the Lark Whiskey Distillery Tour

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This is the oldest operating distillery in Tasmania, and they offer an extensive tour. In this tour, you will be able to learn about their history, their whisky, and their plans. You will witness the art and science behind their famous drink. Also, you will get a chance to sample the drink at every step of the production process.

For the tour, make sure you wear closed shoes and long pants or dresses as this will ensure your safety on the tour. Also, you might want to make transport arrangements as you leave the tour since your blood alcohol content may not be safe for driving.

5. Visit MONA

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Mona is short for the Museum of Old and New Art, and it is a key attraction in Hobart. The place has been in the middle of the cultural resurgence of Tasmania and hosts the famous summer Festival of Music and Art. If you are looking for things to do in Hobart, you can attend the museum’s Festival of Music and Art (Mona Foma) in 2020. It will be held between 11th and 20th of January of 2020 and will involve more than 400 performers.

6. Attend King Island Long Table Festival

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This festival was born accidentally from a wedding celebration of 2003. In this event, locals and foreigners come together to celebrate the local produce of the region. In 2020, it will run from 2nd to 7th of April. You will enjoy cheese tasting, local wine tastings, and many other products from the region.


There are many exciting activities to do in Hobart in 2020, so you should make a point of visiting the city. Make a list of the places and events you have to visit in the year. You should consider working with an agency as they will ensure that you don’t miss anything important.

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