How to Look Like a Hollywood Starlet by Katarina Van Derham

Katarina Van Derham has worked in Hollywood for over a decade. One thing she always notices is that every celebrity wants to look youthful and timeless. It’s no wonder why, as a timeless look has a certain level of class and mystique which appeals to both women and men. Here she will share with us three key points to looking youthful and timeless like a Hollywood starlet.

Katarina Van Derham beauty tips

Skin- Strive for Moisture

Always go for a moisturizer that says, “maximum moisture” or “24-hour hydration” WITHOUT the anti-aging ingredients. A lot of times, women don’t realize that the anti-aging components in skincare have a tightening effect which might make your skin look a bit tighter in the moment; however, in the long run, it’s really drying out your skin. Hydration happens from the inside, so it’s important to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables that are packed with water instead of just drinking actual water. Then, you only need to keep the surface of your skin hydrated with mega-hydrating moisturizers. 

Makeup- Find your Timeless Look

Trends come and go, and how many of us look back at our photos from 20 years ago and say, “OMG what was I thinking”? This happens when we follow the current trends too closely. Instead, always try to figure out the makeup style that makes you look your best and not so much whatever is trendy, because looking timeless should ultimately be your goal.

Hair- Follow the Silver Screen

Actresses from the era of the silver screen have always been a major inspiration when it comes to hair- not only for the Hollywood actresses of today but also for the everyday woman. Brigitte Bardot broke the rule of the “up-tight” hairdos in the 1950s, and everyone around the world went crazy when she let her hair down, which women didn’t do back then. This look gave Brigitte Bardot a “Lolita” label, which emphasized her youth. So, instead of going for hairstyles that are too tight and perfectly structured, go for more loose, free hairstyles with pretty waves and/or just a simple blowout. Hair that moves around your face will instantly give you a more youthful, free-spirited look.

Try to implement each of these tips into your daily routine, and I guarantee that you will turn heads!

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