7 Best Business Ideas to Start From Home In 2020

To start a business today, you don’t have to think about renting a commercial place, hiring employees, and worry about the commute. With the rise of home business, more and more people are discovering new ways to pursue entrepreneurship with their business headquartered at their homes.

Best Business Ideas to Start From Home

Best Business Ideas to Start From Home

Technology has brought more flexibility and affordability than we could ever have access to. With the right skills, ideas, and motivation, you can start any business.

Of course, you must have a spare room in the house which can either be converted into a mini-warehouse or a dedicated office space depending on the nature of your business.

7 Home-Based Business Ideas to Start Today

Ready to start your own business in 2020? Looking for an idea? Start these types of businesses utilizing your existing space, skills, and means:

#1: Buy In Bulk and Sell Them Online

Most businesses are centered on the concept of importing products in large quantities and then selling them at a profit. Search for a unique product that has market appetite and sell it in your country. If these products are easy to store and ship, you have a solid business idea on your hands.

You may also buy products in bulk from Amazon at a discount and sell them at a profit. Pick any niche such as baby products, cosmetics, clothing, perfumes, or any other demanding item and start selling it on your website. Many people are thriving on this business model.

#2: Get Involved With Pets

Got a cute little pet at home? Turn them into a social media influencer and start promoting products of pet brands in exchange for big bucks. Instagram is loaded with such influencer pets.

If this seems overwhelming, I have got another idea. Start taking care of other people’s pets. Many pet owners are in need of reliable pet sitters and dog walkers. Even I wish I had a pet sitter whenever my IT staffing agency sends me on interstate business trips. I have to ask my neighbor to look after my dog and he’s not always available.

#3: Start an On-Demand Printing Business

A print-on-demand business can never get old. If you are a designer or like to experiment with creative design, sell print on demand T-shirts for small business owners.

I hear you, T-shirt printing is a little too mainstream. No worries, you can choose from other print-on-demand products like mugs, books, phone cases, pillows, backpacks, watches, hats, and so many other items.

If your designs have a unique identity, you will get clients for sure. Create designs on your own or hire a talented designer while you manage other aspects of the business.

#4: Start a Subscription Box Business

Over the course of just 5 years, the subscription box industry as grown by 100%. Pick any niche and shipping a care package at a monthly price. From Sephora beauty products to pet grooming products, you can sell anything via a subscription box.

Wait till you hear this. A subscription box is not just abbot selling. You can also rent clothes. In fact, there is a company named Haverdash that’s doing this. When customers are done using clothes, they send them back.

#5: Become an Interior Decorator

Are you your friends and family always complimenting your interior decoration choices? Do you reach out to you for suggestions when decorating their home/room? If it’s yes to all these questions, launch your business as an interior decorator.

You might need official training or licensing but this will only validate your skills. There are many homeowners out there who cannot afford to get new homes but can invest in home decor. Market your business to them and make happy customers. Their recommendations will bring you more clients!

#6: Become a Personal Trainer

Launch your website and showcase your services. Advertise in grocery stores and restaurants near your locality. Becoming a personal trainer is not everyone’s cup of tea, remember that. It requires prior experience and training. Only the one who loves fitness and training can peruse it as a career.

You must pick a specialty to invest your education and certification further in. lifestyle management, sports, and athletics, nutrition, orthopedics, are some of the options. Plus, to keep up with the latest trends, you will have to invest in improving your skills by taking workshops and training time after time.

#7: Give Music Lessons

If you are starting small, you may not require certification but if you want to launch a virtual music training academy, training, certification, and licensing are critical.

You may either give music lessons by going door to door, invite the students over to your place, or teach them online via Zoom and similar other platforms. If you are good at music, no one can stop you from being successful.

Find a Business Idea That Works Best For You

In the end, it all boils down to your goals. Do you want to make it a side hustle along with your full-time job, launch a full-time business, or work as a stay at home parent? Then comes your skills. What’s in your arsenal that you can tap into right away? If you need additional skills, do you have the capital to invest in yourself?

Home-based business has reduced the gap between a supplier, employees, and customers. When rent is eliminated, you will have the mental stability to focus on a lot of other aspects of the business that matter. No matter what business idea you choose, think about your goals and find out what motivates.

Just because you have extra space available at home doesn’t mean you have what it takes to start a business. One of my former colleagues admits that working as a recruiter in a marketing staffing agency (that’s his current job) suits him well than starting his own business. Because there are so many other attributes that count. Therefore, some people are better off employed than running their own business.

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