Homemade Laxative Recipes Are Easy To Make

A homemade laxative is very important to those suffering from severe constipation. It brings relief quickly and painlessly. Its significance can only be understood by the afflicted. Store-bought laxatives are often too strong or have unwanted chemicals, which is the reason why people often go for homemade recipes. There are quite a few recipes that you can try to relieve yourself from constipation.

Homemade Laxative

Although there are lots of recipes, you should focus on the ones that are based on fiber. Fiber leads to a better bowel movement, which is extremely important in a proper laxative. Keeping that in mind, you should look no further than apples if you are looking for a very good homemade laxative. It is not obvious to many people, but apples have are loaded with fiber, especially if you eat them with the peels intact. They are cheap, available at your nearest grocer, and are very effective. Similarly, barley, wheat, garlic, and honey work well, too.

Homemade laxative does not need to be too complicated to make. The above are dietary laxatives that you can use to relieve your pain. However, there are some recipes that require more work to make; they work wonders as well. For example, the power pudding is a great choice that requires half cups of prune juice, applesauce, wheat bran flakes, whipped topping, and canned or stewed prunes. You then need to blend the ingredients, cover, and put the resulting mixture in the fridge. Your constipation will go away if you keep taking ¼ of a cup every morning.

Another great homemade laxative recipe is fruit spread. Fruits are high in fiber, which makes them great for relief from constipation. For this to work, you will need 2 pounds each of raisins, currents, prunes, figs, and dates. First off, grind the fruits in a food processor. Then combine the resulting mixture with two 28 ounce containers of prune concentrate (make sure it is undiluted). Finally, mix them in a large bowl for some time. Transfer it to a large plastic container and refrigerate. You do not need to take more than ¼ of a cup every morning.

Homemade laxative

Tea can also be made as a laxative by mixing special herbs in it. A great recipe for this involves 3 tablespoons of Senna leaves, 2 tsp of Elderflowers, a tablespoon of Fennel seeds, and ½ tsp of Anise. It is very easy to make, though the ingredients may take some time to procure. Once you have gathered all the ingredients, grind them into a mixture and pour 1 cup of boiling water over it. Keep it steeped for five minutes and strain.

While homemade laxative is a great choice, it may not always work well for you. Taking medical advice is highly recommended. Always talk to your doctor before preparing any sort of laxative at home. As it is, laxatives can become highly addictive; also, too much usage can damage the colon. Having taken all this into account, the abovementioned homemade recipes are easy to make and will change your life for the better.

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