Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to Hosted PBX Software 

Businesses must be agile, lean and mean to go one up on the competition. Since communication plays a key role, here is why your business should switch to hosted PBX software

The PBX telephone system features automatic greetings, voicemails, telephone conferences, call routings, conferences and touch menus will reduce the operating cost further.

You will have to pay all fixed and ongoing infrastructure costs in the on-site PBX telephone system. To run the local PBX telephone system, you need to build a reliable in-house IT infrastructure.

Also, the on-site IT infrastructure must be preserved, scale and upgraded to ensure optimal operation of the PBX phone system.

Maintain reliability and protection of Hosted PBX Software

The management of PBX telephone networks operates in off-site cloud-managed data centres. Suppliers routinely manage and upgrade data centres to reduce downtime. Many providers maintain business connectivity by hosting PBX on private cloud servers.

Hosted PBX Software
Hosted PBX Software

We are even taking the necessary action to prevent violations of security and targeted security attacks. Many organisations are moving from on-site PBX telephone systems to hosted PBX solutions to a more secure and scalable method without spending additional resources.

1. Cost saving 

Opt for hosted PBX softwareand you are looking at enormous cost savings: 

  • You do not need to invest up front in PBX hardware and software. These, in any case, soon become outdated. You have to keep investing to stay current. 
  • No on-premise hardware-software combination means you do not have to employ maintenance staff. 
  • You do not need to allocate space for the PBX system. 
  • When you change locations you incur cost in transferring the PBX set up from one location to another. With PBX as a service you can make use of this facility from anywhere and at any time with no downtime. 

2. Mobility and multi-branch operations

Yet another benefit of the hosted PBX system is that you can start operations in one place, move to another location or add branches.

Your essential PBX software remains the same, accessible to everyone in the office and those outside through their mobiles. You can include remote workers in your PBX system.

What this translates to is that everyone in your organisation can keep in touch with each other and are available to customers and vendors too. 

3. No upgrade worries

In a fast changing tech world your on-premise PBX solution is bound to become dated in less than a year. Do you want to keep paying for upgrades that may or may not be rolled out in time?

Go hosted and you never have to worry. Your PBX is always founded on the latest tech. The provider maintains the software so you have no operational glitches either. 

4. Modular, scalable 

Hosted PBX solutions are quite comprehensive including all the essential features plus must have features like WebRTC audio-video chat and conference, SMS broadcast and IVR.

It is for you to decide which features you want and pay only for selected feature. You may want to ramp up services such as when you conduct a campaign in which case the hosted solution scales up effortlessly. 

5. Pay out of earnings

Invest in PBX systems up front and its value keeps depreciating in addition to your incurring maintenance costs. Of course, it is cheaper to run the on-premise system compared to PBX as a service in which you keep paying.

However, look at it from this perspective: you are, effectively, paying out of your earning. Consider the intangibles such as freedom from maintenance worries and upgrades and you will see just how much value you get in a hosted PBX. 

Hosted is the way the winds are blowing in the IT world so why stick with outdated legacy systems that cost more and give you less? It is time to make the switch to hosted PBX and experience its benefits. 

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