How Do Locksmiths Program Digital Car Keys

Program Digital Car Keys

Programming digital car keys can indeed be challenging. Mechanical keys have become outdated, and people don’t use them anymore. On the other hand, digital car keys are quite popular these days, use the latest technology, and need to be programmed.

Cars are quite expensive and valuable items, so their safety should be your utmost priority. If you have lost your car’s key, you must get a new one programmed. The process may be slightly difficult and technical, but it will be worth it. If you want to learn how locksmiths program digital car keys, here is a detailed overview of the whole process. Let’s have a look.

Programming a Car Key Fob

1. Turning on the Ignition

At the start, the car locksmith places the key inside the ignition point while sitting on the driver’s seat and closes all doors. Then he twists the key to the position where the car starts; however, the engine does not.

2. Pressing the Lock Button

After turning the ignition, the locksmith presses the lock button on the fob and points it straight towards the car.

3. Toggling the Ignition Off

After pressing the lock button for a few seconds, he will reach the ignition key immediately to turn off the power and turn off the car. This step is carried out swiftly, and the locksmith ensures that the car system doesn’t reset the commands.

4. Repeating the Process with another Key Fob

After that, the locksmith gathers the other fobs that are needed to be programmed. By repeating the same process, he easily programs the car key. However, by doing this, he will wipe out all the other key fobs which were previously programmed. The major benefit of having a locksmith here is that he carries the entire procedure swiftly. You can get as many key fobs programmed by hiring a professional locksmith.

5. Restarting the Car

Once the remote control car keys get programmed, the locksmith turns on the car without the engine. Then he presses the lock button on the key fob. If the sound of the car lock spinning is heard, this indicates that the process was successful.

Programming Car Keys with OBD port

Locksmiths typically use the OBD port behind the steering column to program car keys and fobs directly into the vehicle’s computer. There are many off-the-shelf programs that locksmiths can use to program and disable keys, key remotes, and FOBs for cars to recognize. This is a great technique if you have lost the original keys. In addition, they help you with key regeneration programming that costs more if you visit the manufacturer. Car owners with self-programmable keys can program them under certain circumstances. You can program car keys using inexpensive devices, but the types and features of vehicles supported by these devices are limited.

Programming the Key with a Master Key

The locksmith uses the master key to program the second or third key in this method. Here is how it is done.

1. Turning on the Car

At the start, the locksmith gets into the driver’s seat and inserts the key so that it is attached to the vehicle’s electronics. Some vehicles may need two keys for the procedure, and you will get a third car key programmed. A vehicle’s anti-theft system is a challenge faced by most locksmiths here.

2. Inserting the Master Key in Ignition

He then inserts the programmed master key into the socket and turns it to the point where the car’s system is activated. Then the key is returned, and the system shuts down.

3. Changing the Keys

This is when the locksmith acts quickly and inserts the second key into the ignition. Here, it takes five seconds for the locksmith to move the key. Repeat the same process with the second key and remove it from the socket. If the vehicle’s anti-theft system is not advanced, the key will be programmed on a second attempt.

4. Inserting the Third Key

After removing the second key, the locksmith inserts the third key into the ignition. This step takes about 10 seconds, and then he turns on the car’s system. However, he won’t pull the key out of the ignition this time.

5. Safety Check

Finally, the locksmith ensures that the vehicle is now in safe mode by checking the light on the dashboard. If the light stays on for at least three seconds, he pulls the key out of the ignition. The locksmith then checks the key to check if the method was successful.

Now that you know how locksmiths program a digital car key try doing it yourself. So, the next time you need a new key to be programmed for your car, you can do it yourself and save your money and time.

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