How Do The Apps Make Money From Play Store

Mobile app marketing entails how an app developer can make money from the app they have developed. There are a lot of apps on the Play Store. In 2013, the Play Store had 1 million apps. A recent survey carried out in 2020 revealed that there are 2.96 million apps available for download on Play Store.

As an observer, what comes to your mind is how these apps are making money from the Play Store. If they are not making money from the Play Store, we would not have an increase of almost 2 million apps in just seven years.

In this article, we will show our readers how apps make money from the Play Store. If you are an app developer or you are aspiring to be in the future, there is information that will shape up your future in this article.

  • Sell Your App on Play Store

The easiest known way of making money from the Play Store is by selling your app. In the process of developing your app, you will make it a paid app so that anybody that wants to download your app on Play Store will have to pay the amount you require. That is why you usually see that some apps are free, and some cannot be downloaded for free on Play Store.

A lot of expertise goes into creating a paid app because you have to let people see that what they are about to pay for is worth it. One way to get traffic for your app is to use your app to solve a problem. You can look at the problem people face at that particular time and solve it with your app. That way, people would know they are getting value for their money.

You can take a cue from the first developer to build a transport app. You could see how a lot of people embraced it because you could sit in your living room and board a car with your app. The same goes for e-commerce apps; people are using it all over the world because you can sit in your room and buy all the items you need.

  • Create a Subscription Package

Another way to make money from the Play Store is to make your app suitable for a subscription. Apps that are suitable for subscriptions are music and movie apps. A lot of music and movie apps, especially on IOS, charge monthly subscription fees.

If you want people to be subscribing to your app, you have to have good content. Sports contents like Football and Basketball are some of the contents you need. Then all aspects of entertainment must be featured on your app. These are the contents that can make people subscribe to your app, whether monthly or yearly. Your income will be based on the number of people that subscribe monthly or yearly. Another advantage is that your income will be predictable.

  • In-app Purchase

Another way to make money from the Play Store is through In-app purchases. This is common with a lot of gaming and video downloader apps.

Let us give an example so that our readers can understand what in-app purchase means. If you are an internet user and you usually download audio and video contents. You will see that most of the apps you usually use for downloading your videos have free and premium packages. As an internet user, you will be allowed to use the free version without paying a dime, but the free version will lack some features you might need. All the features you need would be found in the premium package. But you will need to pay a certain amount before you can use the premium package. You will be forced to pay so that you can have access to all the features of the app. That is exactly what in-app purchase means.

  • Sponsorship

Lastly, you can make money from the Play Store through a sponsorship deal. If you can get a sponsorship deal for your app, it will benefit you and the person sponsoring you. The sponsor would be the one to derive the means to generate traffic to your app. Once your app starts getting traffic and you start making money, your sponsor will get back the money they have invested in you.


Now you know how apps make money from the Play Store. If you are a mobile app developer, you now know how you can make money from the Play Store with the information we have provided in this article. We are sure if you follow everything you have read here, your app will surely fetch you a lot of money.

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