How Do You Put a Watermark on a PDF Document?

I don’t know your way. I’m with a method that helps me to place watermark on my set of PDF files.

Install PDF Watermark Software on the system. Then, click on the add watermark option. Choose the watermark type (text or image). Then, proceed and add PDF files for watermarking documents. Afterward, provide the text or image and find a system location to save the PDF documents. Then, click on the Generate button.

This is my way of watermarking PDF documents. There are many more such ways. But these free and offline methods make me perform the best effortless watermarking done on PDF documents.

Why We Insert a Watermark on a PDF File?

NO? A watermark states some information about the document and a form of direction to deal with the information in the PDF file. As you might know, PDF stores the data in it with the layout customizations that we decide and does not manipulate it in any manner. Thus, adding a watermark on PDF makes it more contentful stating the person viewing the document to handle it in a dedicated manner.

how to put a watermark on a PDF document

Here below we will be learning some techniques that got on to place a watermark on PDF document. With a delay, let’s move down the section.

How Do I Put a Watermark on a PDF Document?

There is a method provided up section that I use to insert a watermark on PDF file. The main advantage that amazed me in the application is it works in Offline mode, so no requirement of internet. It has an offering to place a text and image watermark, and other customization on these watermark to make PDF more secure. Here, we will know how we can create a watermark on PDF files in multiple ways. The process known with a simple name is mentioned below

  1. Adobe Acrobat DC
  2. SysTools Free PDF Watermark Tool

In case you are to create a PDF with watermark, you can add watermark in the document and then save the file in PDF format. This process is possible using the Word application in the system.

First of all, get to the solution on how to put a watermark on a PDF document using the Adobe Acrobat facility.

Watermark Insertion in PDF With Adobe Acrobat

Adobe is known as the primary workstation to deal with a PDF file. The application is capable to perform all forms of modification that could be done on a PDF. In context to this, the application provides an option to place a watermark on a PDF document. The downside is the format to watermark a PDF using Acrobat.

For this at first, you need to install the Adobe Acrobat application on the system and get a subscription plan added. This will initiate the function of watermarking PDF document in Adobe Acrobat application. When this is done perform the procedure shown below

Process to Put a Watermark on a PDF Document

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or any version below on your system
  • Open the PDF document in the application
  • Go to Tools menu and choose the Edit PDF option
  • Choose for Text or Image Watermark
  • For Text, enter the watermark text. For Image, browse any image from the system.
  • In Appearance section, set Transparency and Rotation for watermark visibility
  • For watermarking bulk PDF files, click on Add File option and select PDFs from system
  • Then, Click on OK button

This will insert a watermark on the PDF document. This process is the best possible way to insert a Draft watermark on an owner-level secured PDF file. In this, you will need to renew the subscription throughout the lifetime work using the watermark functionality on PDF using Adobe application. Now we move to the next method and see why this method is called the best by PDF users among us.

How to Put Watermark on PDF with Free PDF Watermark Tool?

This is a free application that adds a free text watermark on PDF documents. The application is free to use in the offline mode and easily place a text or an image watermark on PDF files. There are multiple customizations and watermark positioning facilities. You can try the application and perform the below procedure for easy PDF Watermarking.

Step to Watermark a PDF with Best PDF Watermark Tool

  • Download and Run Free PDF Watermark Tool
  • Select Watermark option and choose watermark type (Text/ Image)
  • Click on ADD file option and select PDF documents to watermark
  • For Text Watermark; Enter Text and Place the watermark
  • For Image Watermark; Browse Image and Position the watermark
  • Click on Browse and locate a destination to save the PDF document
  • Click on Generate button

The application has the capability to put watermark on user-level secured PDF files. Also, there is a capability of watermarking multiple PDFs in a batch process. These were some methods in which you can easily put a watermark on a PDF document, already created PDF files. In case if you are to create a PDF file with a watermark, it is easy to make a document with a watermark inserted and then save the file in PDF format.

Place a Watermark on a Document using Word Application

There are many Word documents in the market. Here I’m using LibreOffice Writer, as it is a free source and the user can download it easily. While creating a document in LibreOffice writer, directly add the watermark in the document and save the file in PDF format. The process of watermark in Word is displayed below:

Process to Put a Text Watermark on a Word Document

Step 1: Launch LibreOffice Writer and open the word document

Step 2: Reach to the Format menu. Move down and select Watermark option

Watermark option

Step 3: In the opened window, enter Watermark Text (Sample, Confidential, etc.)

Step 4: Select Font, Angle, Transparency, Color for the text watermark

Step 5: Click OK to put the text watermark on the document

put a watermark on a PDF

Step 6: Save the document in .pdf file format

This will freely insert a watermark on a PDF document. If there are not many PDFs to place a watermark, then LibreOffice Writer is the best option.

Wrapping It All Together!!

In this article, we have an overview of how do you put a watermark on a PDF document. Here, you will find various techniques suitable for various scenarios. The best solutions are covered with a stepwise process description for all scenarios. Read the article to know more and get easy solutions to place a watermark on a PDF file.

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