How Gentle Tape Prevents Skin Irritation

Kinesiology tape is already leading the industry with its pre-cut tapes. Now kinesiology tape has come up with more advanced tapes available in a gentle line, which is SpiderTech Gentle tape.

SpiderTech tape has a gel-like adhesive that smears smoothly on the skin and maintains grip without causing skin irritation. It can be worn for completely three days due to its high moisture retention capacity.

This tape was introduced, keeping in mind athletes who have sensitive and fragile skin that are prone to skin allergy from the strong adhesive present in another kinesiology tape.

This article will enlighten you on issues with kinesiology tape and the role of SpiderTech gentle tape in minimizing skin irritation.

Why Kinesiology tape cause skin irritation?

Kinesiology tape is latex-free and made up of 100% cotton with dermatological adhesive. However, it sometimes causes skin irritation to people, especially those who are allergic to adhesives. Leading kinesiology tape manufacturers use hypo-allergic acrylic adhesives at the back of the tape in a tread pattern. Kinesiology tape applied with good stretch, which pulls the skin as it contracts back to its original state. The anchor ends of the tape get stretched while pulling out the tape from the skin, every time you take it off. That might cause skin irritation and redness. People having hair growth on the area where tape has to be applied, have good chances of getting hair pulled while taking out the tape, which causes irritation and pain.

However, the majority of kinesiology tape users never experience skin irritation but this pulling action is enough to generate itching, redness, or skin irritation in people having very fragile or sensitive skin. People with extra sensitive skin sometimes even experience skin cell damage during the removal of tape.

How SpiderTech Gentle Tape Is Different from conventional kinesiology tape?

The adhesive used in the gentle tape is moist and has a gel-like substance called Strata gel that stays on the skin’s surface uniformly. The gentle adhesive layer does not form ridges on the application, eliminating the chance of skin irritation. While traditional kinesiology tape having solid acrylic adhesive strongly sticks at the top of the skin surface – can cause skin irritation to sensitive skin people. On the other hand, SpiderTech gentle kinesiology tape is smooth on the skin and separates from the skin easily, without causing damage to skin cells. It is perfect for people with ultra-sensitive skin who are prone to skin rashes or redness.

What are the benefits of gentle tape?

  • You can obtain the benefits of kinesiology tape (pain relief or swelling) without any physical discomfort.
  • Minimize the chances of skin irritation or redness in taped areas to a greater extent 
  • Does not damage skin cells and cause little or no irritation on the removal of tape
  • It can be applied in an array without the need for skin recovery in between consequent tapings
  • Suitable for everyone with skin sensitivity, including infants, elderly, and children.


SpiderTech gentle tape is a clinical-grade premium athletic therapeutic tape designed for pro-active adults and athletes having hypersensitive and radiated skin. These sweat-proof, water-resistant, and latex-free tapes last up to 5 days. It helps in preventing injury and supports speedy recovery like conventional kinesiology tape. 

Not only it is gentle on the skin due to gel-like adhesive but is also designed to replicate the weight, thickness, and elasticity of human skin, which enhances its mobility. The spider tech gentle kinesiology tape comes in both rolls and pre-cut strips. You can order your tape online from genuine medical suppliers and get it delivered at your home.

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