How Is China Serving Pakistani Students?

Did you know that despite being known as the 1st largest country in terms of population, China has the 2nd largest economy in the world after the USA? It is also famous for its warm welcome and diverse culture.

There were days when China was considered as a suitable destination only when somebody wanted to pursue medicine. However, the trend and thoughts have changed significantly as the country has a lot more in store for the students.

How Is China Serving Pakistani Students

The number of students, particularly from Pakistan, flying off towards China tremendously increased as the Pak-China friendship fortified. Moreover, their diverse education system and highly available scholarships made China as a suitable study option.

Chinese Scholarships

Thousands of students from Pakistan and other Asian countries have been qualified for the fully and partially funded scholarship programs in China. Indeed, their success stories are worth sharing.

However, by now, some of the prominent scholarship programs offered in China are as follows:

  • CGS program: This is the Chinese government scholarship program provided by the country’s government. This scholarship is a fully-funded program that waves off tuition fees along with accommodation expenses and monthly stipend allocated.
  • Shandong scholarship: This is another fee wavier program offered by Chinese scholarship council for students who want to apply for masters. It is a partially funded scholarship with criteria that a student isn’t a holder of any other scholarship and must not be a Chinese citizen.

Your way-out to China

The students, who wished to study abroad are heading towards education consultants, soon after getting to know about the viable study plans in China. The students choose consultants for further and in-depth guidance about the suitable universities and courses that are in a budget.

Thus, if you’re a Pakistani student, and interested in study abroad, then you can also opt-out for best study abroad consultants in Islamabad to assure a must way-out of making way towards China. You can also attend educational expos organized by consultants that are aimed to provide students with viable options to study abroad, in light of their academics and resources.

Final thoughts!

China has served a significant number of Pakistani students. Individuals also report about their incredible educational journey in China. Their diverse culture, along with the warm, welcoming nature and great incentives all make China the most suitable option for Children in Pakistan.

China offers not only affordable study plans to the talented youth of Pakistan but also ensures excellent exposure to broaden their learning experience. Thus, you can also be among those lucky students who have transformed their lives, by opting for study abroad consultants in Islamabad. These consultation firms have not only revolutionized the lives of students but also enabled students to pay back to their families.

By recommending the best possible scholarships and universities to students while staying on budget and making the Visa process easier for students, they have eased the lives of many!

Hence, wait no more as your door to study abroad awaits you!

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