How Location Sharing Can Save You from Kidnapping?

When I read the news about how a woman saved herself from kidnapping, it clears the air how technology is beneficial to face a difficult situation. The news details revealed that the victim shared her location with her husband when criminals were trying to open her car. The right use of technology can bring ease to our life but only if we know how to use it. To give the proper instructions, we are here with the complete guide to help our audience with multiple location sharing ways, such as phone tracking app.

How Location Sharing

Let’s throw some light on some potential ways how you can share your location within seconds.

1 – WhatsApp – Location Share feature

With billions of active users, WhatsApp is at its peak of popularity. Its unique features make it stand in the crowd and drive users to itself with its user-friendly layout. It allows us to do group chats, share multimedia files, conference calls, etc. which attracts the youth the most. Its location sharing feature is popular as it gives immediate access to the current location and let the other contact see where you are. 

1- Do you know how to share the location on WhatsApp?

Let’s have a look at the next section and learn:

1 – Go to Settings 

2 – Tap on Apps and Notifications > Advanced >App Permission >Location 

3 – Enable location Permission for WhatsApp 

4 – Open Chat (You want to share location with)

5 – Tap on Attach 

6 – Tap on Location

7 – Share Live Location (Choose the time length for location sharing)

2- Google Maps 

Google services have always been incredible as it believes in quality and user-friendly ways. Now, it has introduced Google Maps, which can save you or your loved ones from many potential dangers. 

How to Share Location Through Google Account?

Before we start, make sure you have the Gmail address of the user (whom you want to share location with) in your Google Contacts.

1 – Select Location Sharing 

2 – Add the people 

3 – Type the Email of the Selected User

4 – Share your Live-location with your trusted people. 

Now, they can see your current location on Google Maps, but it depends on how long you want to share with them. 

It is possible that your loved ones can’t use a mobile phone in an emergency, but you want to access them, what will you do?

Well, we have come with the most convenient ways to track your loved ones within a few seconds.

Read the next section to discover.

3 – Third-Party Apps – A Convenient Way to Access Your Loved Ones 24/7 

Technology is not only the name of watching videos or get the newsfeeds, but it gives more to us than we could ever imagine. Third-party apps require nothing from the target device user as it only concerns the end-user. Android compatible spy tools enable the end-user to access the target device remotely without touching it (except for once only).

Phone tracking app – Track Your Loved Ones to Save Them in Emergency 

The most convenient way to access the target device is to install android spy app on an android phone. The claim is incorrect for tracking without touching the target phone as the end-user must access the mobile phone to download the third-party app.

After installation, the monitoring will be easier through a user-friendly dashboard. Here, the current location plus history is available, which requires only a few clicks. Android spy do not cover only movements but also monitor online activities, including WhatsApp, Social Media, Text Messages, Calls, Contacts, Facebook, Snapchat, multimedia files access, etc.  

Such a reliable way gives complete authority to the end-user for location tracking without any time limit. If you want to know where your child is, you can open a dashboard and get to know where he/she is right now. Such online tracking minimizes the danger exposure, and you can also provide help to your loved ones at the right time.

Find out the current location by installing Phone tracking app on the target device and protect your loved ones from kidnapping and other dangers!

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