How National Security Has Changed with the Age of the Internet

National security

Ever since the disarmaments brought upon the world powers after the Cold War, the world maintains a false sense of security. But the world is becoming more vulnerable as the internet expands its grip on the technology that is embedded within our government systems and our very lives.

Although we are much safer from a violence perspective, our privacy and wealth remain at risk. The integration of the internet into worldwide systems of finance and government has given highly trained individuals the ability to hack networks and take information that can potentially harm the whole nation.

The United States Mainframe is Dated
Unfortunately, the government tends to be the last sector to keep up with the latest technology. This gives hackers and other governments the ability to hack into sensitive systems and take information that is potentially harmful to the entire nation. The theft of intellectual property and creating computer malfunctions within government systems can decrease financial stability, release harmful information, disrupt public transportation, and cause physical harm to citizens.

The majority of systems have gone online because of the integration of cloud storage software. This adds to the levels of vulnerability that run rampant within the government systems. Government storing information online is left at risk because it is held by a third party company. Companies are in the business of acquiring capital and if another government offers a price high enough, they may have the ability to buy the information that is stored.

How The Government is Dealing With This Problem
Although the problem is widespread, the government is beginning to understand the severity and risk behind it. When Barack Obama was reinstated as President in 2013, he began a program to help mitigate these risks. This program has been created in an effort to decrease attacks and increase defense systems online. Furthermore, the government has decided to create a plan to fight back against other nations that have already acquired sufficient resources to attack our mainframes.

Since 2013, the United States government has been implementing cyber-attacks in our foreign policy. These attacks are meant to ensure the safety of Americans within the country. Originally aimed at hacking Iran’s mainframe, we have been able to uncover secrets that have saved many lives and protected Americans home and abroad.

Do Your Part
With a degree in Diplomacy or in technology management, you will acquire the necessary skill sets to contribute to the safety of Americans. An online degree in diplomacy can help you achieve a job in the U.S Defense Department. It relies on your work ethic, desire to succeed, and education and skill sets. See what other STEM programs you can get involved in will help improve our security and country as a whole.

The world is much safer in certain aspects and far more dangerous in others as technology advances. The government is taking action to defend every American at home and abroad. Unfortunately, they are behind in their efforts. With the help of qualified candidates though, we will have the proper defense systems very soon.

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