How to Change Netflix Region and Watch Any Country

Like anything that we enjoy, we tend to want more. Our brains are simply designed to keep looking for pleasure. Do you ever wonder about that when you’re turning on Netflix? We trigger so many happy chemicals in our brains when we watch our favorite shows that we’ll always be looking for more. That includes wanting to expand our Netflix library by finding a way to change Netflix region

Reward and Pleasure Systems within the Brain 

  • Netflix helps trigger 4 natural happy chemicals in the brain
  • A rush of happiness follows 

There are four key chemicals, often referred to as the ‘happy chemicals’, occurring naturally in our brains. These dopamines are released when you complete something and feel good about finishing that task. You also have oxytocin, otherwise known as the love hormone, as well as endorphins that many of us know from running. Then, you also have serotonin that is about creating connections with others and believing in yourself. 

Creating a healthy self-care plan often includes developing habits that help you boost those chemicals naturally in your brain. For example, celebrating small wins triggers your reward-based dopamine hormone. On the other hand, giving a compliment or a hug to someone releases your oxytocin love rush. Alternatively, exercising can be great for releasing both serotonin and endorphins. Although, watching a comedy and eating dark chocolate gives you an extra endorphin boost and rush of happiness. 

Amazingly, watching Netflix shows can help you release all those chemicals and boost your overall happiness. Research has found that our brains mirror what’s happening on screen so when you see people hugging then you also get a rush of oxytocin. Our imagination allows us to connect with the characters at a deep emotional level and so we almost become them and take on their confidence or even personal issues. We can therefore feel our self-esteem go up if we’re watching someone overcome their fear of going to dinner parties or dealing with a tough boss, for example. 

The Revolution of Netflix 

  • The huge growth of streaming 
  • Increased demand for global access to Netflix 

Netflix has made a huge impact on how we view entertainment. Cable TV is fast declining and people now expect more and more on their laptops and computers. Streaming has exploded thanks to Netflix, so much so that actors have also seen their careers multiply beyond all expectations. It’s no wonder that consumers want to access more, especially when you see how many more people are now at home more than ever. 

What does this mean exactly though? Netflix offers specific shows to each country which often has libraries of very different sizes. Naturally, the US library is by far the largest as it was the first one to launch and many viewers across the world want to access that library. Many of those shows are gossiped among friends and mentioned by the media. Eventually, you would feel like trying a few episodes to join the conversation, as curiosity is only a natural emotion. 

How can we Get Balance in Our Lives

  • Find what feels right to help you 
  • Develop your self-care plan

It might be worth pointing out at this stage that like anything, balance is the key. It’s true that Netflix helps trigger feelings of happiness. It also allows us to relax and enjoy some escapism for a short time. However, if taken too far then those feelings can quickly turn into loneliness and depression. It’s a fine line between connecting to characters on screen and comparing them with our real connections, or lack of, to real people in our lives. The more we lose ourselves within the screen then the more we become disconnected from real life and other people. 

Of course, binge-watching is fun and hugely tempting but you can give yourself little rules. Only 2 episodes per night or perhaps only 1 binge-watching weekend per month. Another great trick is to stop the episode during a quiet moment rather than after the cliffhanger that usually happens at the end. Alternatively, you can watch the first few minutes of the next show and then stop when the music starts. Either way, find something that works for you so that you can have balance in your life. Also, don’t forget self-care.

How to change Netflix Region and Get your well-earned Escapism 

  • Subscribe to a VPN
  • Join a decentralized VPN or dVPN

So now we know that curiosity is driving many people’s interest to access different Netflix libraries in any country. Then how can you change Netflix region? Luckily, there is some very easy-to-use technology that allows you to do just that. You can either subscribe to a VPN provider that operates in your country or join a decentralized VPN marketplace. 

The main purpose of both technologies is to keep you secure from cybercrime by encrypting your data to and from the internet. However, a dVPN marketplace is much more secure because there’s no central owner with access to your data like in a VPN. Sadly, these VPN owners have been known to sell your data to marketing companies. However, whichever technology you opt for, make sure it works within your country and then simply change your location in the settings. You’ll then find that Netflix automatically updates the content to your dVPN region. 

Final Thoughts on How to Change Netflix Region for any Country 

Everyone wants to watch their favorite Netflix shows, which has been made easy by VPN and dVPN technology. One thing to keep in mind: you should and always watch out for cybercrime. It is recommended to purchase a dVPN service, or at least find a credible VPN provider, one that several friends have known of. It’s not just about changing Netflix region for that extra dose of happiness but it’s also about being safe and legal. Other than that, you can sit back on your sofa while sipping on your favorite drink and finally enjoy the shows you’ve been looking for!

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