How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Perfume

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Perfume – Wedding day is the most awaited event of a loving couple. This day is made possible with the strong connection of love, support, tolerance and harmony. Your wedding is truly one of the most important events of your life, so you’ll want to keep memories that will linger forever. Luckily, memory foundation is strongly tied to the sense of smell. Your perfume and personal fragrance are the perfect preserver of the very moment you want to cherish for a lifetime. One sign of the scent you wore for your big day and you’ll bring back the wonderful memories on that day.

Since world of scents is like being lost in the sea, finding the best perfume that will perfectly match you to your big day will be a little bit tough. Thousands of smell over a single big event how is that even possible to choose the right one? You can check top trusted perfume brands here at Fragrance 365 CANADA  that might be perfect for you. Read our tips below that can help you find ease while looking for the best perfume.

Personal uniqueness

A bride should stick to her own fragrance characteristics. If you love sweet presumes orange blossoms, and fruity scents might be perfect for you. If you have a strong personality, the perfume must have a little kick of spice in it. If you want elegant and classic smell look for the scent that doesn’t have a strong characteristic, look for the mild and soft formulation. Your smell should match your personality.

Climate forecast

Keeping your personality throughout the whole change of season is important. Once the date of your wedding is sure, make a list of possible perfumes to choose from. Such as musk for fall, leather for winter (with a touch of honey), mimosa and lilacs for spring, and basil for summer. Matching your perfume with the kind of weather that you have will be a perfect combination since it can help the brain relax and retain most of the happening on your big day with no contradicting fragrance.

Wear the same scent as your partner.

To share ultimate intimacy, this is one of the most perfect days that you can share the same scent. It is quiet touching and aura of sweetness will be all around the venue because of this pretty idea.

Choose oil based perfume rather than water based

Since ceremony will last for almost a whole day, you need a formulated that can stick throughout the event. Fragrances with a higher content of oil usually last longer and is triggered by increased movement making it perfect for a dance intermission number.  Choose Eau de Parfum over Eau de Toilette as they have high amount of oil in the mixture.

Know where the pulses are

When you spray a perfume, don’t waste it by spreading in into the midair. Avoid applying it at the back of your neck as it can change the smell due to extra heat of the area. Look for the pulse area like wrists, cleavage and nape of the neck where pounding enhances the emission of scent into the air.

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