Do You Know How to File US Income Tax Return Online

Income tax department has provided taxpayers American living abroad the facility of US tax return through online platform from any place and any time. The procedure of filling income tax online is called e-filing. The procedure of filing tax return electronically is very easy, fast and simple, and it can be done from anywhere. E-filing of income tax can help you in saving money as you can easily file the return online without hiring the expert if you are aware of the filing process.

If you are not familiar with the process of filing ITR (income tax return) online, then you must hire professional who have knowledge and skills of the e-filing process. These experts are known as chartered accountants and gained knowledge and skills through taxation course.

How to file US income tax return online

How to File US Income Tax Return Online

Here are some steps to Filing US tax return when living abroad online:

Before you start the process, make sure that you have got yourself registered on the electronically filing website if the income tax the department of the United States if you are filing return through online platform for the first time.

Get all your the required documents

  • You need to assemble all your documents that will be needed to file online. These documents include your salary slips, form, rental income, interest certificate and all the other documents that proves any income earned during the financial year and tax paid on it.
  • Once you have assembled all your documents, now login to the e-filing account on the income tax department website
  • After you login successfully, filing of income tax return will appear on the dashboard, click on it. Choose the assessment year for which you want to submit it. When you submit it, ensure that you are using right form. Using incorrect form leads to defective return and you will need to file once more.
  • After selecting the form, you will see a prefilled form with all the necessary details. You have to verify the details very carefully.
  • Once the details are verified, fill other details in the form using the documents you assembled in the starting. Make sure you fill the right details under very head of income, exemptions and deductions.
  • After verifying all the details, you can file and this is the last step of the online process of filing ITR. Keep in mind that return you filled also needs to be verified if you want to get ITR processed by the income tax department.

Also, the verification of income tax return must be done in 120 days from the day you upload the return on the online website.

If you have verified through electronic process then you will confirmation of verification quickly from the ITR Department. If you have verified it through ITR, then the income tax department will confirm it by sending an email.

After the verification of the return income tax department starts its processing. Once it’s processed, the income tax department informs you about this by sending you a mail. If any mistakes are found, then they will ask you to make it correct.

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