How to get more benefits using the best Korean moisturizers

Although the cleanliness, toning, humidity and visibility measures of the West’s Skin Care are included, the East Koreans follow ten steps. With so many procedures, it’s no wonder why their skin is as flawless as we are seeing it. Here are ten steps you can follow to make your skin just as smooth and bright. If you are interested in it so then visit here to get the best korean moisturizers reviews.

Removing Eye makeups

Remove a good makeup for makeup to slowly remove the makeup of your eyes. Do not rely on cleansers regularly to perform this task, as this speculation is what will leave your eyelashes on last week. If you need to get long dress lipstick, this makeup removal can be really helpful.


The golden rule to remember is to spend that time removing what is on your face right now. Face massage is important because Koreans understand that this is what increases circulation, which translates into a brighter skin.


A natural exfoliating scrub does wonders for restoring the softness of your skin, so remember this step because this is why Korean skin is so smooth. Doing it twice a month is already good enough. Focus on areas or sites in your T-zone where blackheads usually appear.


This is equivalent to Korean tuning. Mainly, it is combined with clean residues to help eliminate contamination, while simultaneously recovering the pH balance of the skin. More importantly, its main role is calming and preparing the skin to absorb the essence. 

Applying essence

The essence application is considered the most important step of the routine. Soaking your face on the essence of their treatment enters the cells of the skin. In this way, the rapid rate of cell turnover that makes the skin brighter and smoother.

Applying the ampoule

Similar to the Korean serums of the West, these impulses are like the essence but more concentrated. They contain the active ingredient in popular emulsions, Bifida Fremantle Lysate, which is great for fine line smoothing, sunlight and sun blurring.

Apply sheet mask

The sheet mask is done twice a week but if your face is really dry, it may exceed that number. These masks are wet and paper-like, full of collagen and penetrate your skin. Just one use and you will have your face slightly plumper and definitely brighter which will absorb all the moisture in your skin.

Tapping the eye cream

The main difference with the way Koreans apply eye cream is that they tap on the skin around the eyes. In addition to getting rid of installments and tugging, the product is also better absorbed.

Applying moisturizer

Well, by now, you’re probably shaking everything you need to apply to your skin but if you haven’t yet realized it, the Korean way is about beauty. So even if you can already feel quiet at this location, still apply a large amount of moisturizer to penetrate the skin and hit it gently.

Apply night cream

And we’re down to the last step. Your face may look ridiculous. The Korean trend is using ingredients cooked in their skincare. So, go for creams that contain bamboo sauce, lotus extract, and fruit water.

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