How to get your conference hall clean for a monthly team meeting?

Cleanliness alone can make your office appear spacious, classy, and well managed. Besides, it is that you invest in an expert cleaning service provider to keep your office space, conference hall, reception area, and the office corridors clean. Your brand image and reputation don’t depend on the annual sales and the products you manufacture. It also depends on the way you manage your office space and all that you do for its upkeep and maintenance.

How to get your conference hall clean for a monthly team meeting?

Sometimes, offices forget to address the cleanliness requirements, which reflect poorly on their reputation later. No prospective client will get impressed with a shabby desk or stained curtains.

However, other than ensuring a monthly office cleaning, you should also ensure that your conference hall or meeting rooms are cleaned before a brainstorming session. You can depend on a professional cleaning company for this. To know more about this, you can get in touch with MA Services Sydney.

Are you thinking about how to approach this? If yes, you can use the following guidelines:

Clean the ceiling corners, walls, windows and doors

If you haven’t used your conference hall or board meeting room for a while, chances are there will be dust and debris accumulation in the doors, windows, ceiling corners, and the walls. Be extra careful about the windows, as most dust enters through the windows, leaving the window panes and edges dusty. If you have an AC installed close to the window, get that cleaned as well.

Deep clean the chairs and tables

Chair cushions tend to absorb the moist air and dirt. Hence, it becomes dusty and also gives out a foul smell. Therefore, you should clean the cushions intensively and ensure that it doesn’t just look clean, but also give out a fresh odor. Usually, board meeting rooms and conference halls have one big table. Cleaning this is not difficult. But make sure that the cleaning company also cleans the table corners and beneath the table surface.

Remove curtain and glass stains

Did you spill coffee on a curtain? Or did a window develop a stain? If yes, you need to address this before the meeting and ensure that there are no stains. Make sure that your cleaning company uses the correct cleaning solvents to clean the curtains and window glass. Ensure that the company doesn’t make use of a harsh cleaning solvent that has excess chemicals.

Clean the screen projection space and refreshment area

You must have a wall or space that you want to use for your projection. Dusty projection screens or space often reflect the dirt particles when light falls on the object. You will cut a very poor impression when that happens. So, make sure that this space gets cleaned thoroughly. Also, clean the refreshment space, where you intend to keep the coffee maker and cookies. Else, both your coffee and cookie would get contaminated.

These are some of the few ways in which you can approach to clean the conference hall or the meeting room. If you need any suggestion, your cleaning service provider will guide you. Make sure you provide the company with clear guidance and directions so that they can execute it without any confusion.

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