How To Manage And Eliminate Duplicate Photos On Your Hard Drive

Duplicate images can be very annoying and hard to find as they are scattered to different locations with different file names. They accumulate easily and take up extra space. Duplicate photos end in our system mostly while we edit pictures. We keep editing pic and keep saving Duplicate images in our system. To save yourself from piles of images choose easy steps of preventing it in the first place. By deleting original images after editing or not exporting them.

How To Manage And Eliminate Duplicate Photos On Your Hard Drive

There is also a Duplicate Photo Finder which will help you eliminate duplicate images and make extra space. If you want to remove them at once you can also use the Quick Photo Finder application too.

Hard drivers can be external and internal; both store a lot of data including files, images, music, and videos. All have different sizes. It is a very important part of hardware devices as it stores all the data and lets us access them easily.

To clear duplicate photos from your hard drive follow these easy tricks:

The process to find Duplicate images on your external Hard drive

Hard drives have a large storage capacity and hence have lots of our data stores. It is almost impossible to find every duplicate or even similar image from so many folders and delete them. For this reason, there are many good applications in the market that will do all of this work easily. One of them is Quick Photo Finder software. It comes with very advanced features and after using this you never have to worry about dupe shots again. Download and install the app and then insert your device into the computer and continue with these steps:

  •  Open the app and your other device too
  • Use the Quick photo finder drag and drop feature and drop the selected folder you wish to scan
  • After that click on the scan button to being the process
  • You will see all duplicate and similar images in the result
  • With the auto mark feature select unwanted ones and remove them permanently  

You can use this application for external storage devices too and clear images from there as well. Other than big files this app won’t take much time to find and delete duplicate images. 

Delete unwanted files and images-

There are many junk files, download files, screenshots, and other media files. Which are no longer in use just sitting idle in our PC and affecting the system performance. Think of all the unwanted data you can delete and remove. To clear the junk and other files follow these quick steps:

  • Open Windows explorer
  • Select the folder from where you want to delete files
  • Locate your files to delete them
  • Select them and right-click on them 
  • Click on delete and confirm to remove 

Remove unwanted apps and software-

Applications take large amounts of space and hence slow down the speed of the computer. You must have installed any app for temporary work and didn’t remove them later. This starts to affect the system negatively and turns into junk. Go to settings, open Apps then Apps and features. Here a list of apps will be displayed, apply a filter or use sort by and uninstall any app you wish to remove. 

Organize your data on Hard Drive-  

Organized galleries and files eliminate the chances of clutters and unwanted items. Keeping everything organized will also make access to data smooth without wasting any precious time. So divide your data into categories and make folders then subfolders. Keep the music and video folder different. Data related to work in other folders and family or personal into different. You can also categorize their date and location wise. 


We hope this article helped you eliminate all the duplicate photos and manage your hard drive. You can also run the Windows Disk cleanup tool, clear browser search history, and don’t forget to empty your recycle bin to permanently delete items after following the above steps. This will absolutely boost up your system and make some extra storage space too.

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