How to Organize an Effective Corporate Walking Tour?

corporate walking tour

Planning a corporate walking tour could have countless advantages for your team. A walk in the woods will help everyone throw the stress away and start the next day with a fresh mind.

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees,” – says Henry David Thoreau.

A perfect plan will never come easy since finding the best spot and route takes weeks of research and exploration. Moreover, you also need to consider your team members’ requirements during the walk. This post will explain how to organize an effective corporate walking tour. Keep reading to learn more!

Tips for organizing a corporate walking tour:

Planning a corporate walking tour might sound overwhelming, but not with the right research points. You must choose a viable and agreed-upon destination with the easiest route and schedule. It would be best to take input from your team members and know what they would like for a walk. Catering to their needs will make the walk more engaging and successful. We have compiled a few tips for successfully planning a corporate tour for your team members. Let us begin!

1. Pick the right location:

The first step to planning your corporate walking tour is choosing the right location. A good place with the right knowledge will help you make your tour successful and engaging. Your team members are always interested in exploring a location’s authenticity. Therefore, knowing the ins and outs of a particular location is essential to enjoy your corporate walking tour.

Neighborhood venues are often highly recommended for these tours since they give a hyper-local experience. You know the location better, so you can avoid any mishaps during your tour. It would be best to seek help from event companies in Dubai if you find the right location too complicated.

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2. Research tour ideas:

Imagine going on your corporate tour without having a clear idea about local food markets or the best shopping spots. It will bring you a bad experience on tour, leaving everyone frustrated. What is the best alternative to deal with this problem? Extensive research is highly recommended before planning your corporate tour to a particular area. You can explore different spots with proper research about ideas and enjoy a perfect dinner with your team.

Many hosts commit the mistake of believing the online ads and visiting the place without research. However, it is a risky approach; what if these online ads were exaggerated? The best you can do is research tour ideas and make your tour memorable!

3. Plan the route:

You probably have planned on which spots to discover during the corporate tour. Have you decided on starting and concluding points? Planning your route will always help you streamline the corporate walking experience. An “easy to locate” point is probably the best option to begin your tour with. If your team members can find the starting point, they will know where to end.

Moreover, doing inventory for probable stopping points will help you add more fun to your day. It would be best to make a list of all the stopping points and the activities you can enjoy there.

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4. Create a guided discovery:

Have you ever considered drawing out intriguing stories and fascinating facts about a locale? Your team members would love to visit and explore interesting points about the destination. Therefore, you must create a guided discovery and allow your team members to learn more about the locale and stopping points. What better way than this to make your walking tour more engaging?

Connecting the past of the locale to the present will help you draw a complete picture of the destination. Why is this place worth visiting in the first place? Your employees might ask this question, and you should have the answer!

5. Schedule and advertise:

Now that you are all prepared for your corporate walking tour, it’s time to choose the perfect date, time, and advertising mode. How would your diverse team members know about this tour? You can post it on your website’s social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Confirming the date and time with your employees is necessary to ensure everyone joins the party.

These planning tasks are never easy; they are overwhelming and might test your skills. Therefore, hiring the best event companies in Dubai is highly recommended since they know how to plan things! Taking them on board will make your corporate walking more enjoyable and successful.

Hire professional event organizers for a successful event!

When it comes to throwing a corporate event, you must plan and manage things aggressively. What if you don’t have prior experience in this field? You can hire professional event organizers and allow them to help your cause. Having them on your side will streamline the overall event experience and make it successful!

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