How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Australia Travel

Australia Travel – The Land Down Under is filled with breathtaking landscapes, picturesque nature and incredible wildlife. Not to mention the abundance of history and culture just waiting to be experienced. These are some of the main reasons why so many people around the globe dream of visiting Australia and witnessing all of its glory with their own eyes. However, a trip to Oz can also be expensive – if you don’t plan and budget your adventure accordingly. When you manage your finances for every aspect of the journey, your Australia travel can turn budget-friendly in an instant!

How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Australia Travel

1. Compromise on your accommodation

. Compromise on your accommodation

If you want to spend your nights in hotels, it’s only logical that your Australia stay would soon get pricey. Instead, opt for hostels which are considerably cheaper yet pretty comfy. You might also want to check out the prices of some Airbnb options just in case you stumble upon a rather reasonable offer for the night. Of course, you can also camp, which is one of the most popular options for Australia’s tourists, especially if you plan to take a road trip in order to explore the country.

2. Make your own food

Buying meals in restaurants every single day can easily up the cost of your travel. Instead, you can make your own food, eat the way you want to and save a lot of money in the process. For starters, plenty of camping spots and parks have open BBQ areas and grills that you can use. And if you stay in a hostel, you can also utilize the hostel’s kitchen to make your own food. Just buy the ingredients in a supermarket. And if booze is your concern, hit the local Bottle-O for reasonably priced beverages.

3. Make money as you travel

3. Make money as you travel

There are many ways to get cash even while you explore the wonders of Australia. If you plan a longer stay, you can literally find work available for foreigners. The only thing that you have to consider is your English. That said, it’s essential that you pass a PTE coaching test to get a confirmation that your English is good enough to work in the country where English is spoken as the primary language. And if you already work online, you can simply bring your laptop with you and catch some free Wi-Fi in libraries or McDonald’s.

4. Travel smartly

Australia offers several different options when it comes to transportation. If you plan to explore the entire country, renting a campervan might be your best option as this will also be the place where you can sleep. Also, it pays off if you’re travelling together with more people as you get to split the gas cost. On the other hand, if you’re looking not to drive yourself, make the most out of the Greyhound Bus. Basically, you can get a traveler pass for around $500 which will let you use the bus countless times wherever you might be.

5. Know your free hotspots

Not everything in Australia requires you to pay money to gain experience. For starters, plenty of natural hotspots are free to enter such as Botanical Gardens in Melbourne and Brisbane, Sydney’s Blue Mountains and Royal National Park, beaches, and so on. Furthermore, most museums and galleries in Australia don’t ask for an entry fee. If you’re not sure where to start, add The Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne to your itinerary.

5. Know your free hotspots

If you want a budget-friendly Australia travel, you have to do your preparations properly and well ahead of your departure date. Get in touch with other backpackers online to look for advice and recommendations. And if you have a friend in The Land Down Under, don’t hesitate to hit them up as they’ll be able to provide an even better insight into different ways you could save money while visiting the country.

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