How to transfer Outlook Offline OST Mailbox to HTML With an Ease?

In this blog, we will describe all the useful methods to export OST data to HTML without any issue. Also providing an effective solution to move the OST database to HTML through our OST File to HTML Converter. After reading this blog post, it’s totally depends on you, which method you want to use for migration of data. Throughout this blog, we will discuss all the steps to export OST File to HTML.

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OST File is stands for Offline Storage Table. It is dependent file and cannot be exported anywhere easily. To maintain this OST File is quite difficult for the users. It has so many issues related to it such as synchronization fails between Exchange Server and OST File etc. On the other hand, HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It’s a language for describing web-pages using ordinary text.

Both OST and HTML are different file formats to each other. There are various reasons to switch OST database to HTML. It describes below:

  • HTML is widely used rather than OST File
  • Every browser supports the HTML language
  • In coded form, the data will be saved with HTML.

What are the effective ways to move OST Data to HTML?

There are basically 2 ways to export OST Files to HTML without any interruption. It described below:

Manual way

An alternative way by using professional tool

With manual method, the users can simply export the OST database to HTML with their own risk. They faces so many issues while exported the OST mailbox to HTML. They didn’t have feel a very good experience with it. It has so many problems as it described below:

  • Lengthy and complicated procedure
  • Time- consuming process
  • No guarantee of data safety
  • Files easily gets corrupt
  • Didn’t support the batch conversion of OST emails
  • Needs deep knowledge of technicalities

These are the issues which the users facing with this manual method. Now, they are looking for another effective way to resolve their issues. So, here we are coming up with an effortless method to export OST data to HTML directly through our “OST file to HTML Converter”. Through this converter, we are providing an alternative way for conversion.

About OST to HTML Exporter

This exporter is designed to export the OST mailbox to HTML without any data loss. The main USP of the software is data safety. With this software, the user easily and simply moves the entire OST database in HTML format without any interruption. The procedure of the software is very easy and straightforward that the user doesn’t need to be an expert in technology. Through this software, it easily exports the Outlook OST file to HTML without making any changes in the original OST file. The user is completely free to move any size OST Files to HTML without any restriction of the size limit. Also, it preserves the email attributes as well as non- English content. With this software, it facilitates the user to export only selected OST folders as per requirement without disturbing the any file and also he is free to choose any output destination to save the resultant data as per his convenience. It helps the user to manage the data according to his preference. This software also has the scanning facility to scan the OST files before exported it to HTML. It’s also provide the preview pane for verifying the loaded data just before conversion. It offers the free demo version for testing the capabilities and functions of it.

Leading Features of OST Data Files to HTML Converter

  • Easy and rapid conversion
  • Providing accurate results without affecting the original file
  • Exports only selected folders
  • User-defined location to save resultant data
  • Completely Windows- based software
  • Compatible with all versions of MS Outlook as well as Windows
  • Autonomous software, doesn’t require any supportive tool to perform
  • User- friendly software, easily handled by any user with basic skills of computer
  • Generate preview pane to view the details of loading files before conversion
  • Offers free demo version to check the capabilities of the converter
  • 24*7 technical supportive team is available for the user assistance

How this converter performs?

This OST to HTML Exporter performs very easily and swiftly. The process of the software is easy and less complicated, so that the user doesn’t need to be confused about the process. It described below:

  1. Add the selected OST files
  2. Verifying the details of the loading files before conversion
  3. Select the output location to save the resulting files
  4. Then click on convert now to start the process


This converter is a reliable, easy to use, provided accurate results for the conversion of data. With this blog, we have mentioned all-important information’s about the conversion process of OST Files to HTML directly. Try our free demo version before pay to paid version.

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