How To Upgrade Your Jet Engine Test Cells

How To Upgrade Your Jet Engine Test Cells

Jet engines are some of the most complicated and valuable components in the aviation industry. Testing and optimizing the performance of these engines are necessary for ensuring safe and efficient air travel. One of the critical aspects of testing jet engines is the jet engine test cell. Jet engine test cells are vital for examining engine performance, testing, and certification before they enter commercial service. Discover how to upgrade your facility’s jet engine test cells and enhance your testing phase to ensure you release the best products.

Install Advanced Control Systems

Upgrading your jet engine test cells with advanced control systems is the first step toward achieving better performance. Advanced control systems provide capabilities such as thrust control and stability monitoring, which can optimize test cell performance and enhance safety. Investing in a custom advanced control system allows you to further maximize your testing conditions by giving you specifically designed controls that meet your needs.

Invest in Modern Data Acquisition Systems

Another critical component of jet engine test cells is data acquisition systems—the tech responsible for essential testing measurements. Upgrading your data acquisition system will improve the accuracy and speed of data measurements.

Precise turbocharger speed sensors can collect more accurate and useful testing data. Furthermore, modern acquisition systems can monitor several parameters simultaneously, reducing the need for tedious manual input. Built-in data processing software also eliminates manual effort and decreases the time required to collect and analyze data. Investing in modern data acquisitions improves your research and testing, which, in turn, guarantees better engine enhancements.

Improve Facility Infrastructure

Along with enhancing your testing conditions and equipment, don’t forget to upgrade the facility infrastructure to match the test cell improvements. Some facility improvements worth implementing include:

  • Sufficient electrical and hydraulic power for the upgraded systems
  • Upgraded air handling systems
  • Improved ventilation systems
  • Soundproofing
  • Infrastructure repairs

Updating your facilities gives you the perfect test space to conduct research effectively and safely.

Upgrading and improving your jet engine test cells is a massive investment toward enhancing safety, efficiency, and reliability of the jets. As technology continues to advance, updating your system can help you stay competitive and ensure that your jet engine test cells and engines are performing at the highest level possible.

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