7 Proven Ways to Increase Instagram Followers (Organically and Free)

If you don’t know then let me tell you that there are 2.7 Billion active monthly users on Instagram. Now Instagram has become the 2nd largest social Network according to Similar Web. So, imagine how beneficial it can be to grow your brand and business. That’s why I’m sharing these 7 ways to grow your brand and business or help you to increase Instagram followers. I am sure that if you use all these 7 tactics on your Instagram account then definitely you will be able to gain more followers.

Why Use Instagram for Your Business

1. Repeat Your Most Popular Posts

You have the last few Instagram postings that will have more likes and comments. So, you have to check that we have to upload the same type of post on our Instagram. You can repost the same post again. It keeps the chances of moving engagement from your followers to more.

All your posts have to be researched well that what has written or what to tell in this post? And then adopting the same strategies, repeating the same post again. Also, make sure to use descriptive captions, so you can grab your audience’s attention.

Suppose your post is related to a beauty product then you can use caption for girls to grab their attention.

2. Try to Make More Engagement with Your Followers

The more you will be associated with your followers, the more your followers will continue to engage with you. This means that the more you reply to their comments, the more they stay connected with you. Your followers will make all your posts related to languages and comments.

For this, you have to do this so that if any folks are relayed from your post or if you are talking about a business and they are asking for something, then reply to them. Let us answer their questions. By doing this, they realize that you give them the value, as well as the answers to their questions. So, try to always engage with your followers.

3. Post-Regular Instagram Stories

If you are serious enough on Instagram and you want your brand or business to become more and more popular then you will have to add stories on Instagram regularly. Keep your stories in such things as if there is a call to action by which you keep making engagement with your followers. This will keep your followers connected with you.

Instagram stories are very important because they can make your brand viral too if you keep some viral things. So, please make sure that you keep posting Instagram stories regularly and continue to provide some value to your followers.

4. Share your Post To Other Social Media Platform

One advantage of sharing your Instagram post with your other social media platform is that your followers will start increasing in different ways, while all those of your followers get your brand and business information from time to time.

By doing this, your brand increases significantly faster. You have to be connected to as many social media platforms as possible, and you keep sharing as much as you post on Instagram, on your other social media platform.

5. Don’t Keep Your Account in Private

Keep a note of one thing that people don’t follow you, follow you for what you are offering them for. I know there are so many weird people on Instagram. But at the end of the day, if you want to be a brand or want to increase Instagram followers then you don’t have to need to make your Instagram private. Keeping your account private, what you have to do in your account, what your providers are looking for, and then they follow you.

But if you already keep your account private and your future followers will not be able to see anything or know what you offer, then they do not follow your flyovers because of this sometimes. So if you have kept your Instagram account private, quickly make your account public.

6. Always Upload High-Quality Photos

So, if you are uploading photos on your Instagram account then keep in mind that always upload a high and best quality photo. Good and high-quality content provides a great impact on your followers. Don’t always upload yourself or selfies. Try to upload something unique and different content. you have to work hard on the editing of your photos or on your content. Make those things more valuable for your followers.

The more you have clear and valuable content chances are there will be more followers. So, use great quality cameras or editing tools for your audience, not for you. Put efforts in your photos, brand, and business and if you put it then definitely you will be able to increase Instagram followers organically.

7. Use all Features of Instagram

There are so many different features on Instagram that will help you to increase Instagram followers. Now IGTV is also a great feature that will help you to boost your followers. Features like polls, gestures, filters, feed, etc. are the great things to help you in growing your business or brand in a quick time. Do live stream and ask questions via polls.

So, basically, if you use all these features on your account then your followers will engage more with you. They will like your every post. They will comment and react to your post. So if you use all of your Instagram features then chances are more to grow Instagram account or brand.

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