Influencer Marketing: Increasing your Brand’s Visibility

Social media influencers are working with organisations to endorse products and help spread viral conversations about the brands on the web. Influencer marketing is a growing category in advertising. Keep reading to explore what social media influencers are and how their popularity can benefit your business.

Influencer Marketing

What are Social Media Influencers?

Social media influencers are individuals who have established credibility in their specific industry. Typically, their posts are lifestyle-oriented and revolve around a certain niche or passion. These people use their influence to persuade other people through their authenticity and reach. They have established a big and highly-engaged following.

How these Influencers can Help your Business

People trust word of mouth recommendations. In fact, studies show that influencers rival friends in establishing consumer trust. As people search for recommendations, they turn to social media influencers. Thus, if your company works with influencers Singapore that have loyal followers, your band gets mentions which goes further and offers more social proof than a post from your company’s social media account. Here’s how influencers can help your company:

  • Building trust. Influencers on social media have relationships and credibility with their followers. Consumers respect and trust their content and recommendations. Thus, if they mention your brand, they put your message in, front of their followers which are also your target audience.
  • Reaching certain demographics. Millennials and Generation Z usually spend most of their free time on their smartphones instead of watching the television, reading newspaper, or listening to the radio. Thus, brands may not be able to reach them through billboard advertising. Influencers can create content and capture the attention of these demographics and deliver your brand’s message to them.
  • Improving brand awareness. Influencers who tell their followers about their relationship with a brand, they make people aware of the brand. Once a group of people knows about a brand’s existence, they will tell others, increasing a brand’s awareness even further.
  • Getting a good return on investment. Studies show that influencer content generates a return on investment that is more than ten times greater than conventional digital campaigns.

Because social media influencer marketing is still new, only a few small- to medium-sized companies are considering it. And if your competitors have yet jumped into this market bandwagon, you will get a competitive edge if you do now. Influencer marketing is a powerful marketing tool to target people in your specific niche.

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