Interesting Facts About Crystal Heart Pendants!

Top-quality, precious, valuable and luxurious are just a few words that are used to describe the crystal heart pendants!

Interesting Facts About Crystal Heart Pendants

But, do you know why these are so popular among women? 

Denotes love 

The crystal heart pendant denotes love. Most of the women wear this as a sign of positivity and affection. Whenever you’re wearing it, you’ll definitely feel loved and positive as well. The womens heart necklace will take your attire to an extremely different level. It’s time to look forward to a positive outlook of these awesome crystal pendants. 

Not exactly a Crystal 

Don’t let the name of the gem fool you. These might be selling like hotcakes, however, these are not actually crystals or gemstones. These are basically a form of glass which is created with the patented process. The crystal nerds will be able to spot out the differences at just one sight. These have a higher refraction index as compared to the diamonds. This is basically achieved with polishing and precision cutting to sparkle your love. 

Used Onscreen 

You would be delighted to know that these cross pendants and necklaces are used with costumes and accessories by the blonde actresses who appear onscreen on movies and television shows. Even the red carpet was seen all hooked up in crystals. 


One of the things you must keep in mind is that these crystals are machine-made. They are far more consistent than the naturally occurring gems and crystals. The identical ones are basically a sign of authenticity and workmanship. These are designed with great attention to detail. You won’t see any imperfections like bubbles, scratches, lackluster shine and so on. 

Stole the show in Oscars 

The Oscar 2018 witnessed most of the celebrities in crystals and heart pendants. The sparkle on the mainstage is definitely brilliant. There were around 45 million crystals that were used in the decoration of the stage. The display around 3000 hours to complete and weighed around 15000 pounds. And you really think diamond earrings are heavier? 

Real or Not? 

There are a few ways to tell whether your crystal is real or not. 

  • There must not be any bubbles in your crystal 
  • The facets must meet the points upwards 
  • Every crystal must be identical in size and cuts 
  • The same family crystals must look identical 
  • There must not be any scratch on the surface of the crystal or any oily sheen 
  • Crystals must have a shine equal to diamond
  • Crystals must come from an authorized dealer 

Used in Medical Practices

There are various crystals that have numerous different properties. When compressed, crystals produce electric currents and also absorbs sound. Also, whenever you apply electricity to the crystals, it’ll make them change their shapes because of the vibrations. Thus, you can say that crystals receive and produce sound waves. And these sound waves produce pictures inside the body. For instance, the scan picture of the baby is made with the help of crystals. Mindblowing, right? 

Show up at your special occasion wearing crystal heart pendants! 

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