Internet Telephony- A Boon for Hearing Impaired

We all are aware of the ample benefits that the internet telephone system renders to the end-users. Starting from saving a great deal of money and efforts in setting up a communication infrastructure to support remote working, it has proved its viability at every front. 

Internet Telephony

Internet Telephony

At least we all know that internet telephony helps hearing-impaired people to have better, constant, and clear communication. Yes, you read it right. Various studies have minted the fact that internet telephony has improved the conversation quality and ability in people having some minor or major sort of hearing impairment.

Whether you have employees with hearing impairment or a family member having hearing loss, an internet phone system allows them to communicate like other normal beings using cutting-edge technology. The technology is so advanced and viable that they don’t require any further assistance. 

Wondering how it happens?

Here is our experts’ take on it:

Get Notified with an Incoming Call without Listening to the Phone Ring

Hearing the phone ring can be difficult for a person suffering from hearing impairment. The latest lot of internet telephony comes with an ability to get integrated with smart home devices. So, when a call comes, it lights up and notifies the end-user. It acts as a visual alert system and ensures that no call is missed.

You can also set different light colors for different operations. For example, voicemail and SMS will display different lights. Not only this, the light color can be selected based upon the caller. A call coming from a known caller will be displayed different colors while a call from the unknown caller will display a different color.

Some phones also come with huge LCDs to identify the caller visually. All of the caller information will be displayed on the screen. Even past sales/conversation history can also be migrated directly from different departments using the high-end integration of your internet phone.

In short, with the right kind of internet telephone system, you can be sure that no call will be missed regardless of the fact that you can hear the call ring or not.

Do auto voicemail transcription

Not everyone contacts you through phone calls. Some prefer sending you a voicemail. In that case, having voicemail transcription with traditional telephony can be a tough nut to crack. But this is not the case with internet telephony as it comes with an in-built voice-to-text service that sends you auto written transcriptions of your voicemails directly to your email inbox.

A US virtual phone number offers you two types of voice-to-text transcription facilities. One is 100% automatic that comes with 85 percent accuracy. If you want premium transcription with 98% accuracy then you can get a human-assisted voice-to-text transcription service offered by many leading internet telephony service providers. The latter option is a must pick for people with hearing impairment as they need not worry about anything and cross-check it. 

Better and clear sound quality 

The traditional landline office telephone system comes with 300-3400 Hz bandwidth. With such bandwidth, you can face poor or weak voice signal transmission. 

Hearing the conversation that happened on low bandwidth can be a problem for a person having minor hearing loss issues. They need to take the help of hearing aids or tools to listen clearly. However, this is not the case with US virtual phone numbers as it transmits voice signals on a frequency of 200-8500 Hz which is way higher than that of the landline phone system. 

When voice signals are transmitted at such high frequency, people with minor hearing impairment can listen to a conversation without any hearing aid. Also, high frequency makes understanding the consonants such as F, C, and T clear. 

Is there any special requirement? 

If you want to reap the benefits of internet telephony up to maximum extent then you must integrate a microphone and speakers of high quality with your computer/laptop. Also, you must ensure that the communication at the other end should be taking place on the same software. 

People with major hearing impairment can also integrate a telecommunications relay service (TRS) and a TTY (teletypewriter) with their internet telephony. Using this device along with your internet phone, you can get the conversation typed on the other end and have them displayed as it is on the receiving end. Here, no verbal conversation is involved. 

Along with this, you can also use any hearing aid coupled with the internet office telephone system. 

At the end 

So it’s clear that an internet phone system can help users of all caste, creed, race, and ability with equal ease and perfection. 

Using the high-end technology, it alerts the people with hearing impairment about the incoming calls, auto transcript the voicemail, type the communication and improve the voice quality. However, all of it will happen only if you are buying the internet telephony system from a reliable resource. 

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