Take Islamabad to Jeddah Flights to Enjoy at these Beaches

Jeddah has both public and private beaches, and you can be a part of them by taking your Islamabad to Jeddah flights. When visiting the public beach, please be aware that you are still in a public place and need to take cover.

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It is advisable for women to wear burkinis and even swim in their abayas. Look at what the other women on the beach are wearing and decide accordingly. It is essential that men also cover themselves when visiting the public beach.

Here are some of the best beaches that you must visit in Jeddah.

Durrat Al-Arus

Durrat Al-Arus is the oldest private beach in Jeddah and the one that started the trend of attracting secluded beaches among Jeddah residents. It is not based on membership and is known for its healthy community and it’s enormous. There are 1,000 beach villas, a diving school, a golf course, and even its own amusement park.

The entry and rental of the dwelling are exceptionally flexible (it is possible to rent for a day) and, thanks to all that the resort has to offer, is extremely popular with locals and families. It’s booked very quickly for the Eid holiday and other long weekends, so it’s best to plan your trip in advance!

Al-Saif Beach

Al-Saif Beach has been the most relaxed beach open to the public since 2015, and the crowd swarms it without hesitation. It is considered one of the favorite meeting places. Here you will see the beauty of sand and sea in front of you, behind you lie palm trees and grass with the most beautiful weather and windy Sun.

This is a place to enjoy a beautiful sunset like no other place in Jeddah. It’s a great place to swim and hang out, but it doesn’t offer any swimming area. If you have your own preference, go to the online flight booking portal and book the flights with your preferred carrier.

Silver Sands

If you are an active traveler and looking for water sports, this could be the beach for you. Think sandy beaches, open water swimming, windsurfing, snorkeling, and a small island that can be reached in just a few minutes.

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Reservations are required in advance, and admission is SAR 150 per person. If you are a regular visitor, there are also several membership programs to choose from. Please note that abayas or “modest clothing” cannot be worn on the beach, so this is not for everyone.

Half Moon Beach

This picturesque beach is a great visit to the Persian Gulf and has a lot to offer its visitors! This crescent-shaped beach is enormous and a popular destination for locals and ex-pats alike. There are also many exciting activities available for all family members, such as sunbathing, swimming, beach cart rides, an amusement park, and a children’s playground.

There are also bathrooms, lockers, and showers. This place is a full package, and you can take Islamabad to Jeddah flights with your family to spend some quality time.


Indigo may be the most exclusive and extravagant beach in Jeddah and offers an annual membership by invitation only. The resort is supposed to look straight out of Bali. It is located in Obhur, the destination for all the attractions of Jeddah’s the Red Sea.

Members can choose from studio apartments and four-bedroom villas on the beach and enjoy infinity pools, waterfalls, spas, game rooms, and boat tours.

South Obhur

This proven favorite hangout in South Obhur has long been a favorite among Jeddah. It has a free beach and is a fun place to spend a weekend. In South Obhur, you can watch the pleasant tides hit the rock barriers, experience sunbathing, all while knowing you’re not that far from town.

Besides, there are fabulous restaurants nearby, so you don’t have to carry food with you when visiting.

OIA Resort

OIA takes its inspiration from Greek beaches: it focuses on white stone houses, artisan cafes, and many water activities. There is sailing, kayaking, and even a floating water park. This new boutique beach club has quickly become a favorite of the younger crowd due to its casual yet elegant atmosphere.

The main point of the resort is its exceptional restaurant Pareya, which serves all kinds of beach delicacies, from salads to sandwiches, burgers, and milkshakes. You can easily find flights to Jeddah at any famous online flight booking portal.

South Corniche Beach

This beautiful sandy beach is located approximately 45 kilometers south of Jeddah City, next to King Faisal Airport. It always remains unexplored because as soon as the holidays are approaching, everyone heads north of Jeddah, leaving this beauty aside. If you fancy swimming and fishing, head towards the South Corniche, merely the best place to visit.

You will also witness the beautiful flamingos chilling there. Besides, the weather in this place is the entirely frosty and soothing gusty wind blowing with strong currents over the sea.

Bhadur Resort

This small resort is perfect for those who want to avoid large crowds and spend a quiet day at the beach. The resort and hotel are the ideal places to pamper yourself a bit – they have excellent spa services, restaurants, cafes, and plenty of sun loungers.

For those looking for something more active, there is also a diving school, a water park, and several amusement arcades. The hotel offers a great view of the sea view rooms and the outdoor swimming pool.


For many Jeddah residents, the beach is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and recharge. While West Saudi Arabia has plenty of public coastlines, Jeddah’s private beaches stand out from the crowd. Plan your next trip o see these beaches and resorts by taking Islamabad to Jeddah flights. You won’t regret it for a single moment.

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