Becoming an IT Security Consultant – Learning Paths Explored

Becoming an IT Security Consultant

We are currently witnessing an IT boom in every sector. Be it a large organization or a small start-up, and everyone depends on Information Technology to deliver services to their customers. The internet revolution has made our lives easier and brought the benefits of technology into our homes.

Becoming an IT Security Consultant

From IoT to online transactions, each and every aspect of our lives is controlled by IT. This significance of IT in our lives has pushed nearly every organization to take their businesses online. It has broadened their customer base and increased their reach.

While companies are benefitted by doing their business online, it has made them prone to attack by hackers. An increasing number of cyber-attacks on large companies is forcing them to rethink their IT security policies. IT security helps companies to secure their data and prevent any data breach.

All companies have realized the importance of IT security and are employing skilled personnel to address their security issues. Protection of the digital infrastructure of companies is the foremost role of an IT security consultant and for that; he/she needs to have valid credentials.

What are the requirements for becoming an IT security consultant?

To become an IT security consultant, you need to have a certification that will validate your credentials and prove to your employers that you have all the skills required for the job. Getting certified is the best way to start a career as an IT security consultant.

It is a very demanding job, and thus, IT companies are listing certifications as the prerequisite for hiring security consultants. There are various certifications that are globally recognized, and you can choose any one of them for getting certified.

Why do you need an IT security certification?

First of all, it’s the most basic need of becoming an IT security consultant. Companies wouldn’t waste their time interviewing someone having only a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and IT.

Large companies require more efficient professionals, and for that, they need to see some certification. Having a certificate would immensely boost your reputation and get you a job almost instantly.

It has been found out that IT professionals having a certificate have more chances of employment than their non-certified counterparts. They also get paid more and get promoted frequently.

Learning paths for becoming an IT security consultant

IT security consultants have an important role in any organization.They focus on cybersecurity, protection, creating breach-proof databases, network security, and more. As a security consultant, you need to possess knowledge on key IT security domain and apply them in the real world to advice companies.

There are many courses or certifications for you to follow. To become an IT consultant, you can follow any of the following learning paths.

  1. CompTIA Security+ Certification

The CompTIA Security+ certification is for beginners who want to explore the world of IT security. It serves as the entry point to cyber-security certification.

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The best thing about this certification is that it covers both practical and theoretical studies for the overall growth of a person as an IT consultant. After getting a CompTIA Security+ certification, you will be able to use your knowledge to counter security attacks on organizations.

Risk management is a core area of this certification, and it equips individuals with the knowledge to minimize risks in an IT framework.

Prerequisites: This is a beginner’s level exam and therefore has no prerequisites.

  1. The Ethical Hacking Certification

This has become popular in recent times. With this certification, you are taught to think and act from the point of view of a hacker. You would have to breach security barriers to test their resistance to cyber-attacks. Identifying loopholes in IT systems and applying effective measures to resolve those issues is the main purpose behind ethical hacking.

Prerequisites: You need basic knowledge of IT security domains and how to apply them in real-life scenarios. Apart from that, a specialization in TCP or IP would also help you with this certification.

  1. CISA Certification

If you want to follow a path of IT security auditor, then you would need this certification as it would enable you to work as a system auditor. You would gain expertise in handling security control and managing vulnerabilities.

Prerequisites: Five years’ experience in handling any security firm or overseeing the IT security of an organization would help you to pass this certification.

  1. CISSP

The CISSP certification is an expert-level credential. It is meant for those professionals who are seeking expert level knowledge on operations security, network security, or development security. It will enable you to apply for top positions as an IT security professional.

Prerequisites: Five years of experience in IT security and risk management.

  1. CISM

This is the master level of cybersecurity certifications and enables you to gain expertise in risk management, security operations, IT security regulations, and much more. It is a globally accepted certification and focuses on global security management.

Prerequisites: 3 to 5 years of experience as an IT security manager.

These were the learning paths that you can pursue to become an IT security consultant. It would be highly beneficial for your career and will give you employment in some of the top organizations of the world.

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